Tech Tip: The Devil’s in the Detailed Call History

Your Call History in Teams allows you keep track of all the important calls you make and receive at work and, simultaneously, reminds you about the other 999,974 spam calls you get on the daily. Historically, this record shows us who was in the call, what time & date the call took place, the call duration, and a few other identifying facts about each record. However, with Microsoft’s recent Detailed Call History update, you gain more insight into certain actions that may have taken place during each call.

For example, say you receive a call from someone outside the university. You answer expecting it to be a vendor, but rather it’s someone claiming to be from your bank. You hang up, and then quickly call your bank at a verified number from their website. The representative tells you that the previous call was not from them and to make sure you change your password just to be safe. Knowing the last caller was likely a scammer, you hang up and go about your day. Later, you receive another call from your “bank” with the same voice on the other end as the probable scammer. Without speaking to them about the alleged issue, you tell them you have another call coming in and place them on hold. Instead of coming back to the call, you transfer them to the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) caller ID spoofing report line (1-877-382-4357) in hopes to scare them off.

With Microsoft’s new Detailed Calls History update, after you click on the call record you would like to view, the Details dialog box will show you additional information about the call. Using the previous example, the Details tab would show under the Transferred by you section that you sent the caller to 1-877-382-4357 because that’s an external phone number. If you were to transfer that scammer to someone at the university- say UWM’s chief of police- the Sent to line would read Sent to David Salazar instead.

Additionally, if you answer a call for someone you support as a delegate in Teams, you will now see those calls’ Detailed History as well. As seen below, this Teams’ Detailed Call History shows that Pounce’s delegate was forwarded a call and they answered on his behalf.

If you need assistance regarding this topic, please contact the UWM Help Desk.