Tech Tip: New Year, New Tech!

We know you’re probably still defrosting from winter break, but that means your technology needs some time to warm-up, too! UWM IT’s new year resolution is to ensure everyone at UWM has the technology resources they need to succeed.


  • Recommendations If you’re finding your computer freezes even after all the snow and ice has melted, check to make sure your device meets our Student Technology Recommendations.
  • UWM TechStore – Outdated device? The UWM TechStore can help you find one that meets your needs! They work with UWM schools and colleges to understand what device you’ll need based on your major. Visit them online or in store to talk with a member of their staff.
  • Software – UWM students get access to a variety of free and heavily discounted software through UWM’s Software Shop and On the Hub. Make sure to check out these sites before you make your next purchase!
  • Cybersecurity – Scammers are inevitable but getting scammed doesn’t have to be! Visit our Cybersecurity website to get familiar with ways you can keep yourself and your data secure.

Getting Help

  • TechRepair Did your computer catch a cold? No worries! UWM TechRepair can give your device two free virus removals per semester, and they can help fix plenty of other issues as well. Don’t hesitate – schedule an appointment today!
  • UWM KnowledgeBase – Got questions? The UWM KnowledgeBase has answers! With a catalog of more than 1000 tech-related articles, the KB makes answering your own questions simple.
  • UWM Help Desk – Can’t find the answer in the KnowledgeBase? Contact the UWM Help Desk, and one of our technology professionals can help you.
  • Student Resources – For a full list of technology services and resources, check out the Student Resources page on our website!