Tech Tip: Know the red flags

Job scams are enticing, fraudulent, messages that invite you to apply for fake job openings to get you to share sensitive information.

These emails can be tricky to spot, but they often share a lot of the same red flags:

  1. High weekly pay
  2. Low hours
  3. Lots of flexibility
  4. Advertise jobs for unfamiliar organizations/companies
  5. Request personal information (age, gender, social security number, passwords, etc.), to click links, or download attachments
  6. Come from non-UWM email addresses (,,, etc.)
  7. Contain poor spelling or grammar

If an opportunity sounds too good to be true, it might be a job scam. If you’re ever unsure about an email’s legitimacy, forward it to and UWM IT will verify it for you.  

To learn more about different kinds of phishing attacks and how to spot them, visit our cybersecurity webpage. 

Accidentally click on a suspicious link? Call the UWM Help Desk.