Tech Tip: Focus on finals, we’ve got your tech.

As far as we’re concerned, if your device lets you type up that final paper, it’s the best computer in the world! But, if you find yourself dealing with the worst-case scenario during exam week, UWM IT has your technology covered:

  • Locked out of your account, clicked on a phishing message, or other technology issues? Contact the UWM Help Desk.
  • Computer isn’t getting the job done but you have to finish that paper NOW? Visit a Campus Computer Lab.
  • Need your device fixed but you have a few days? Schedule an appointment with UWM TechRepair.
  • Old device die on you? Find a new one at the UWM TechStore.
  • Don’t want to trek it all the way across campus just to use specialized software? Access a virtual computer, or see if you can get the software for FREE or Heavily Discounted.
  • Receive a suspicious message? Visit our Cybersecurity page to learn how to spot, avoid, and report phishing attempts.
  • Need to set up another MFA authentication method? Learn how to in the UWM KnowledgeBase.
  • For everything else, visit our Technology website.

Good luck with your finals, Panthers!