macOS Security Updates: Nudge

Campus Technology Support (CTS) is implementing a new notification system for macOS security updates. Deployed to UWM’s fleet of managed Macs, Nudge software will notify users that security updates are available for their devices. Mac users can dismiss Nudge reminder windows by running the update or by scheduling a time in the future to be reminded about the update.

The deployment of Nudge represents part of our effort to keep UWM’s Mac fleet up-to-date with the latest security patches while giving users control over when their computers will install patches and restart. If users do not take update action on their own time, necessary macOS patches will be applied and devices will be restarted on patch due dates.

Nudge will bring UWM’s managed Mac devices into alignment with managed Windows devices. On both platforms, users will be able to pick a convenient time to install updates before the updates are automatically applied.

This effort is also pursuant to UW System Administrative Procedure 1042.A, “Information Security: Threat and Vulnerability Management Standard”:

For more information on Nudge at UWM, please review our instructions. If you have any questions about Nudge at UWM, please contact the UWM Help Desk.