Installation for Campus Fiber Project

Over the next week, network technicians will begin installing new fiber-optic lines on the UWM Kenwood Campus.  

This initiative is part of a state project and is the largest infrastructure change that UWM has had in nearly a decade. For more background information on this initiative please read our previous IT News article 

UWM’s network technicians will oversee the installation across 40+ campus buildings throughout the summer. Here are a few items to note about this process: 

  • This work will affect one building at a time on the Kenwood Campus and should not cause any network interruption for off-campus sites or wider outages on the Kenwood campus. 
  • Technicians will be moving through the UWM Kenwood Campus installing connections to new fiber-optic infrastructure as quickly as possible. Preparations have been made to minimize impact but there will be some service interruption as each building is moved to new connections. 

  • Interruptions will vary and affect all connectivity (network resources local to UWM, wired internet, wifi, etc.) in the affected building while work is completed. Outages may range from a few minutes to an hour.
  • This project is expected to be completed in August 2022.  

More direct communication will be shared with each affected building/area once the installation is scheduled to begin. This major IT project will benefit UWM’s network services exponentially and set up a positive infrastructure for future upgrades and modernization.