Clutter Feature to Retire December 9, 2022

Beginning this fall, Microsoft will no longer support the Clutter feature in Outlook.

After its retirement, those who have enabled this feature to sort less-important emails into the Clutter folder will see all incoming emails in their general inbox.

If current clutter users would like to continue automatically sorting email, consider enabling Focused Inbox. This feature gives you two new tabs in Outlook, Focused and Other. The more you use Focused Inbox, the smarter it gets when organizing your messages into these tabs. To learn more about Clutter’s retirement, Focused Inbox, and how to enable this functionality for yourself, visit our KnowledgeBase article.

Please Note: MacMail & iOS Mail users who have enabled the Clutter feature will not be able to adopt Focused Inbox. To find other ways to keep your inbox free of unwanted emails, visit Microsoft’s support article for inbox rules.

If you need assistance regarding this topic, please contact the UWM Help Desk.