Second Year Experience

Second Year Experience

To support students who started in Fall 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve designed some programming specifically to new students who weren’t able to be on campus during their first year at UWM.

While some of this programming will focus on students who were freshmen in the 2020-21 academic year, we also welcome Transfer students who started in 2020 as well.

Student Leadership

Become an Orientation Leader!

The Orientation Leader (OL) position exists within New Student Programs to welcome and acclimate new students to the campus during New Student Orientations, Transfer & Adult Student Orientations, Panther Academic Welcome, and other programs. If you have any questions, e-mail Mike Dixon at

The Student Leadership Website has opportunities throughout the year!

Peer Mentoring

Sign up for a Peer Mentor!

The Student Success Center Peer mentors work to further develop a student’s skills in order to promote their success at UWM. They help guide you towards resources on campus that fit your needs, walk you through their experiences, and form meaningful relationships. Mentors specifically address academic, social, extracurricular, and professional topics with their students. Mentors complete their work by communicating with students, and meeting with them virtually and in person.

Campus Exploration for Returning Students

If you’d like a tour of campus, please email to request a tour!

Sophomore Year

Sophomore year is a time to build on knowledge from freshman year, focus/narrow academic and career interests, get involved with activities on campus, connect with professors and other students, and seek out new opportunities. Sophomore year marks an important transition. Research shows that it is common for sophomores to go through a period of confusion and uncertainty to new challenges and a different set of stressors. This phase is called the “sophomore slump” and can appear as not meeting the high expectations from freshman year or sophomores may find an increase in academic workload, difficulty deciding a major, or struggle with connecting. UWM is dedicated to supporting sophomores to navigate and overcome challenges of sophomore year. Explore and connect with yourself and the UWM community! 


Use the checklist below to be a successful second-year student and show your #PantherPRIDE 

Prioritize Your Academic Success
Reach Out
  • Connect with each instructor at least once during office hours (check the class syllabus for more details). Let them get to know you and learn more about them, the class, and their research!
  • Sign up for a peer mentor!
Involve Yourself
Develop A Plan
Explore Milwaukee and Beyond