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Administration (Divisional Office)


Milwaukee Athletics will promote a spirit of pride in the University through positive athletic experiences for student-athletes, coaches and spectators; Promote athletic excellence by embracing the academic purpose of UWM; Maintain a sports program of high quality through attracting, developing and retaining the best student-athletes, coaches and staff; Engage students, alumni and the surrounding community.

Center for Community-Based Learning Leadership and Research

The Center for Community-Based Learning, Leadership, and Research (CCBLLR) partners with the community to inspire students, faculty, and staff to engage in activities that foster enduring personal and social change.

Children's Learning Center

The UWM Children’s Learning Center serves the University with distinction through the provision of high-quality education programs for children, youth and families, UWM students and the professional child development community.

Dean of Students

The Dean of Students Office assists students with matters beyond academics. The Dean of Students oversees the student disciplinary process and tuition and fee appeals. The Dean of Students also helps students manage personal crises, emergencies, and unusual situations by discussing options and connecting students to resources. The Dean of Students Office also helps students who have a grievance or complaint helping the student identify options and processes to have their complaint addressed.

Inclusive Excellence Center

The Inclusive Excellence Center (IEC) is committed to cultivating an intercultural, equitable climate and learning environment for all UW-Milwaukee members. The IEC appreciates diversity and strives for excellence in fostering peer-to-peer connections and critically reflective opportunities through initiatives, experiences, and collaborations. The IEC will invest time to create a socially just campus in order to include different perspectives, engage in authentic and challenging dialogue, and connect vibrant and global communities.

Information Technology Services

Information Technology plays a vital role within the divisions of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management. Working with divisional departments, Student Affairs IT Services (SAITS) and Campus Technology Services (CTS) provide guidance and support for all forms of IT.


Leadership within Student Affairs is comprised of three teams; Student Affairs Leadership Team (reports directly to the Chief Student Affairs Officer (CSAO) and provides significant advice and direction to the Division based on regular consultation with the CSAO); Integrated Leadership Team (leaders throughout the Division who have responsibility over the actions needed to fulfill both the daily work and strategic initiatives at UWM); Alignment & Action Team (individuals who lead and direct the work of others, and/or may show meaningful participation in Divisional/institutional committees.)

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Plus (LGBTQ+) Resource Center

The UWM LGBTQ+RC strives to create a welcoming campus community by providing social-justice-based education, resources, programming, and support for students across the spectrums of gender and sexuality, with an emphasis on intersectional experiences.

Military and Veterans Resource Center

The Military and Veterans Resource Center serves as the first stop for all military (Active, Reserves, and Guard service members), Veteran students, dependents, alumni, and transitioning service members, educates the UWM campus and Milwaukee community about military service, transitions issues, stigma, stereotypes, support and awareness programs, establishes and offers a safe space on campus for those who have served, empowering them to connect with the University and with one another, and establishes community partnerships that provide opportunities for Veteran to build bridges into the Milwaukee community for future employment, as well as civic and cultural engagement

Norris Health Center

Your on-campus health and mental health services are here to assist you in identifying, understanding and responding to your health care needs through medical and mental health care and health promotion programs; and to assist the UWM campus community through collaborative partnerships designed to enhance the university’s academic and community service mission. Our staff will be your partner, providing treatment if you are ill, injured, or in distress, and assist you in understanding your health needs and in learning to make healthy choices on a daily basis.

Restaurant Operations

Restaurant Operations offers the UWM community a wide variety of dining options. From nutritious & custom made meals at Sandburg Café to meeting up with friends & watching sports in the Union’s Gasthaus. UWM’s Restaurant Operations has something for everyone.

Student Affairs Business Services

Overseeing the accounting, budgeting, capital projects planning, and financial analysis and reporting functions of the Division. The business staff also provide support related to purchasing, program evaluation and strategic planning. Business Services ensures compliance with UWM, UWS and Divisional business policies and procedures, as well as creates best practices to support operational effectiveness and efficiencies. The staff closely collaborates with UWM Business Financial Services, Facilities and Planning, and Parking and Transportation on behalf of the Division.

Student Affairs Human Resources

Overseeing the human resource management functions of the Division. HR Services maintains personnel policies and procedures related to compensation and titles, recruitments, appointments and continuity status, equity and promotions, and legal compliance with employment laws. Additionally, the staff assists in divisional strategic planning by way of workforce analysis, compensation plan design, and policy development. The area is also responsible for the annual Diversity Assessment Report.

Student Association Professional Staff

Student Union

In the Student Union, we provide programs, services and facilities for University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee students to find community, build relationships and make memories that support and complement their academic journey.

University Housing

UWM University Housing is committed to enhancing community members’ cultural understanding, leadership skills, academic success, social connections, and social responsibility by creating safe, comfortable, and well-maintained living learning environments that inspire growth and development.

University Recreation

The Department of University Recreation (UREC) is recognized on campus and professionally for excellence in programs, services and facilities. We enhance the quality of life for the UWM community by providing opportunities to develop and maintain healthy lifestyles, lifelong learning, leadership skills and personal success through comprehensive recreation and wellness programs in quality facilities.

Women's Resource Center

Using an intersectional approach to advocate for the agency, education, and empowerment of women-identified folks.
profile photoJacob AbdulRahmanHuman Resources ManagerUWM Children's Learning Center(414) 229-5384abdulra3@uwm.eduNorthwest Quadrant C 1606
profile photoMary AdamsSr Student Serv SpecUWM Children's Learning Center(414) 229-5384mbadams@uwm.eduNorthwest Quadrant C 1606
profile photoYvette Alicea-ReedHuman Resources ManagerDivisions of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management(414) 229-7218yta@uwm.eduChapman Hall 150A
profile photoKrystle AndersonDivisional Budget and Finance DirectorDivisions of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management(414) 229-7381krystle@uwm.eduChapman Hall 150
profile photoCarol AndersonOper Program AssocRestaurant Operations(414) 229-4201ander666@uwm.eduStudent Union PantherShop
profile photoViola AndersonRestaurant Operations(414) 229-5123violaa@uwm.eduRiverview Residence Hall THE EA
profile photoThomas AzingerHuman Resources AssistantNorris Health Centertazinger@uwm.eduNorthwest Quadrant B
profile photoAbhiroop BaroFood Service AssistantRestaurant Operations(414) 229-5123abaro@uwm.eduSandburg Commons Cafe
profile photoEmily BaumanCoachAthleticselbauman@uwm.eduKlotsche Center
profile photoJason BehlkeGraphic DesignerUnion Marketing Services(414) 229-5538jdbehlke@uwm.eduStudent Union WG50
profile photoHayat BenaliGarde MangerRestaurant Operationsbenali@uwm.eduSandburg Halls Cafe
profile photoChristine BoehmLead Teacher, Buttercup RoomUWM Children's Learning Center(414) 229-5384boehmc@uwm.eduNorthwest Quadrant C 1606
profile photoJoshua BoehmSr Admin SpecialistUniversity Housing(414) 229-0514boehmj@uwm.eduKenilworth Square East
profile photoJulia Bonner, MDCampus Health OfficerExecutive Director of Health & Wellbeing(414) 229-5684jbonner@uwm.eduNorris Health Center


profile photoKari Brickler, RN, BSNClinic ManagerNorris Health Center(414) 229-4716kbricks@uwm.eduNorris Health Center 113


profile photoPatricia BrownCustodianUniversity Housing(414) 229-6123brownp@uwm.eduSandburg Halls 185
profile photoDonovan BrownCustodianUniversity Housingdibrown@uwm.eduSandburg Halls
profile photoEllen Buggy, MSNSenior Nurse PractitionerNorris Health Center(414) 229-4716ellenb@uwm.eduNorris Health Center B21/B2


profile photoShelley BugniHuman Resources AssistantDivisions of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management(414) 229-6315smjarvey@uwm.eduChapman Hall M150D
profile photoHaley BunkerFood Service AssistantRestaurant Operationshrbunker@uwm.eduStudent Union
profile photoCassandra BusseFood Service AssistantRestaurant Operationscebusse@uwm.eduStudent Union
profile photoCarol ButchartSr Student Serv SpecUWM Children's Learning Center(414) 229-5384carol@uwm.eduNorthwest Quadrant C 1606
profile photoCorey CampbellFood Service AssistantRestaurant Operationscampbelc@uwm.eduCambridge Commons Cafe
profile photoJohn CashenCustodianUniversity Housingjdcashen@uwm.eduSandburg Halls
profile photoDillon ChristensenEnterprise Systems SpecialistStudent Affairs and Enrollment Management IT Services(414) 977-7680chris342@uwm.eduBolton Hall 272
profile photoOlivia CliftonAssistant DirectorInclusive Excellence Centeroclifton@uwm.eduStudent Union
profile photoGroovy CocroftInterim Assistant DirectorMilitary and Veterans Resource Center(414) 229-7211cocroftj@uwm.eduStudent Union WG99
profile photoDeborah CollinsCustodianUniversity Housingcollinda@uwm.eduSandburg Halls
profile photoStephanie CoryellDivisions of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management(414) 229-7387saplavec@uwm.eduChapman Hall M151
profile photoAntonio CruzDocument Imaging SpecialistStudent Affairs and Enrollment Management IT Services(414) 290-7213cruz2@uwm.eduBolton Hall 280
profile photoJeffrey DaleyAssociate Sous ChefRestaurant Operations(414) 935-6922daleyj@uwm.eduCambridge Commons Cafe
profile photoDaeniel DatuFood Service AssistantRestaurant Operations(414) 229-5123djdatu@uwm.eduSandburg Commons Cafe
profile photoSarah DeGeorgeStudent Services SpecialistLesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Plus (LGBTQ+) Resource Center(414) 229-4116madjr@uwm.eduStudent Union WG89


profile photoDaniel DelucaElevator ConstructorUniversity Housingdeluca@uwm.eduSandburg Halls
profile photoErika DowlingLead Teacher, Daffodil RoomUWM Children's Learning Center(414) 229-5384ebieser@uwm.eduNorthwest Quadrant C 1606
profile photoJames DowneyHuman Resources AssistantDivisions of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management(414) 229-3634jldowney@uwm.eduChapman Hall M155
profile photoTheopolis DukesCustodianUniversity Housing(414) 935-6900allenduk@uwm.eduCambridge Commons
profile photoPaul Dupont, PhDDirector of Counseling ServicesNorris Health Center(414) 229-2927pdupont@uwm.eduNorthwest Quadrant B 5494



profile photoJennifer EsselstromProgram Coordinator (Infant)UWM Children's Learning Center(414) 229-5384jmkroll@uwm.eduNorthwest Quadrant C 1606
profile photoJoe FranseeNetwork & Enterprise Systems SpecialistStudent Affairs and Enrollment Management IT Services(414) 977-7603jfransee@uwm.eduBolton Hall 280
profile photoDevanair FreemanCookRestaurant Operations(414) 229-5123freemad@uwm.eduSandburg Commons Cafe
profile photoZachary GarrityProgram ManagerCenter for Community-Based Learning, Leadership, and Research(414) 229-3161zgarrity@uwm.eduStudent Union WG28
profile photoKent GollCustodianUniversity Housing(414) 229-6123goll@uwm.eduSandburg Halls 185
profile photoAna GonzalezSandburg Cafe ChefRestaurant Operationsgonzalam@uwm.eduSandburg Halls Cafe
profile photoJoAnne Graham, PhDSenior PsychologistNorris Health Center(414) 229-4716joanneg@uwm.eduNorthwest Quadrant B 5463



profile photoMarquise GriffinCustodianUniversity Housinggriffimo@uwm.eduSandburg Halls
profile photoDarcy GuenterbergGraduate AssistantCenter for Community-Based Learning, Leadership, and Research(414) 229-3161guenter3@uwm.eduStudent Union G28
profile photoKelly HaagVice ChancellorDivision of Student Affairs(414) 229-4038kajohnso@uwm.eduChapman Hall 132
profile photoAlexandria Hall, MSLab Tech SupervisorNorris Health Center(414) 229-5210hall68@uwm.eduNorris Health Center 108 &


profile photoMichelle HamberlinUniv Exec Staff AsstOffice of the Chief Student Affairs Officer(414) 229-4038hamberl1@uwm.eduChapman Hall 132
profile photoAva HarperFood Service AssistantRestaurant Operations(414) 229-5610harperal@uwm.eduSandburg Commons PALM G
profile photoKira HartleyProgram Coordinator (Toddler)UWM Children's Learning Center(414) 229-5384bachrodt@uwm.eduNorthwest Quadrant C 1627
profile photoScott HartmanAssociate Marketing SpecialistUnion Marketing Serviceshartmasc@uwm.eduStudent Union WG90
profile photoRichard HaskeySr Admin Prgm SpecRestaurant Operations(414) 229-2231haskey@uwm.eduStudent Union PantherCard Office
profile photoDonald HaydenHVAC MechanicUniversity Housingdahayden@uwm.eduSandburg Halls
profile photoCraig HeserEnterprise Systems SupervisorStudent Affairs and Enrollment Management IT Services(414) 290-7294craigh@uwm.eduBolton Hall 280
profile photoAlex HoganFood Service AssistantRestaurant Operations(414) 229-5123hogana@uwm.eduSandburg Commons Cafe
profile photoTodd HomannHVAC MechanicUniversity Housing(414) 935-6904homann@uwm.eduCambridge Commons CC-L09
profile photoGlenn HowellHVAC MechanicUniversity Housinghowellgt@uwm.eduCambridge Commons
profile photoLeslie JacksonMedical AssistantNorris Health Center(414) 229-4716jacksolm@uwm.eduNorris Health Center
profile photoHamilton JacksonCookRestaurant Operations(414) 229-5123hsj2@uwm.eduSandburg Halls Cafe
profile photoSheila JacksonCustodianUniversity Housingalexands@uwm.eduKenilworth Square East
profile photoEllen JacobLead Teacher, Lilac RoomUWM Children's Learning Center(414) 229-5384esdanner@uwm.eduNorthwest Quadrant C 1606
profile photoBobby JanbazFood Service AssistantRestaurant Operations(414) 229-6319mjanbaz@uwm.eduStudent Union Gasthaus
profile photoKaitlyn JohnsLead Teacher, Daisy RoomUWM Children's Learning Center(414) 229-5384kejohns@uwm.eduNorthwest Quadrant C 1606
profile photoDoris Johnson Browne, PhD, LPCSenior PsychologistNorris Health Center(414) 229-4716doris@uwm.eduNorthwest Quadrant B 5488


profile photoJason Katte, MA, LPCAssistant Director - Counseling ServicesNorris Health Centerkatte@uwm.eduNorthwest Quadrant B 5472



profile photoLeah KavanaughLead Teacher, Grasshopper RoomUWM Children's Learning Center(414) 229-5384ljb2@uwm.eduNorthwest Quadrant C 1606
profile photoLorraine King MarrariProgram Assistant Advanced - ConfidentialDivisions of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management(414) 229-6706lking@uwm.eduChapman Hall 175
profile photoArcetta KnautzDirectorUniversity Housing(414) 229-6149knautz@uwm.eduSandburg Commons C134A
profile photoJohn KosmalskiUWM Student Union(414) 229-5309johnkosm@uwm.eduStudent Union EG5A
profile photoKaren Krueger, RNSenior Student Health NurseNorris Health Centerkruege69@uwm.eduNorris Health Center


profile photoAndrew KubackiRestaurant Operations(414) 229-5123kubackah@uwm.eduSandburg Commons Cafe
profile photoLaura KucharskiLead Teacher, Cedar RoomUWM Children's Learning Center(414) 229-5384kucharsk@uwm.eduNorthwest Quadrant C 1606
profile photoMartin LeeFood Service AssistantRestaurant Operationsleemk@uwm.eduStudent Union TB/BK
profile photoTraci LeeFood Service AssistantRestaurant Operationsleets@uwm.eduCambridge Commons CAFE
profile photoShacurra LefloreSr Student Serv SpecUWM Children's Learning Center(414) 229-5384leflores@uwm.eduNorthwest Quadrant C 1606
profile photoKathe LerarioOffice ManagerUWM Children's Learning Center(414) 229-5384klerario@uwm.eduNorthwest Quadrant C 1606
profile photoClaudia Lipusch, MDSenior PhysicianNorris Health Center(414) 229-4716clipusch@uwm.eduNorthwest Quadrant B 5476


profile photoPaul LyonWeb & Application DeveloperStudent Affairs and Enrollment Management IT Services(414) 977-7754lyonp@uwm.eduBolton Hall 280
profile photoJoshua MarkofskiFood Service AssistantRestaurant Operations(414) 229-2225markofsk@uwm.eduStudent Union Union Station
profile photoLaurie Marks, PhD, M.EdDirectorCenter for Community-Based Learning, Leadership, and Research(414) 229-3161lmarks@uwm.eduStudent Union G28

PhD, M.Ed

profile photoWayne MartinSandburg ChefRestaurant Operations(414) 229-5123martinw@uwm.eduSandburg Halls Cafe
profile photoMatthew MatiskoUniversity Housing(414) 229-4065mmatisko@uwm.eduSandburg Halls 150
profile photoMichael Matthias, LCSWSenior CounselorNorris Health Center(414) 229-4784matthiam@uwm.eduNorthwest Quadrant B 5495



profile photoSydney McBeeFood Service AssistantRestaurant Operationssmmcbee@uwm.eduCambridge Commons RESTOR
profile photoRyan McNallieWeb & Applications Development SupervisorStudent Affairs and Enrollment Management IT Services(414) 290-7250mcnarya@uwm.eduBolton Hall 272
profile photoJoseph McvaneCustodianUniversity Housingmcvane@uwm.eduSandburg Halls
profile photoYolanda MedinaDirectorMilitary and Veterans Resource Center (MAVRC)(414) 229-7211medinay@uwm.eduSTU Union WG99
profile photoCarlos MelendezAssociate Sous ChefRestaurant Operationsmelendec@uwm.eduSandburg Commons
profile photoRobert MeyerDirectorStudent Affairs and Enrollment Management IT Services(414) 977-7644rmeyer@uwm.eduBolton Hall 280


profile photoBarry MitchellWeb & Application DeveloperStudent Affairs and Enrollment Management IT Services(414) 977-7621mitchebc@uwm.eduBolton Hall 280
profile photoSteven MoharDirectorUniversity Recreation(414) 229-5087sjmohar@uwm.eduKlotsche Center 310
profile photoMelissa MonierAssistant DirectorWomen's Resource Center(414) 229-2852mmonier@uwm.eduStudent Union WG93
profile photoRobert MorenoHVAC MechanicUniversity Housing(414) 935-6904morenor@uwm.eduCambridge Commons L094
profile photoJacob MossExecutive ChefRestaurant Operations(414) 229-7276mossje@uwm.eduSandburg Halls CAFE
profile photoLynn Mucha, MSW, LCSWSenior CounselorNorris Health Center(414) 229-6854mucha@uwm.eduNorthwest Quadrant B 5489



profile photoJen MurrayDirectorLesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Plus (LGBTQ+) Resource Center(414) 229-4116jrmurray@uwm.eduStudent Union WG89


profile photoKenneth NielsenCustodianUniversity Housing(414) 229-6123nielseke@uwm.eduEngelmann Hall B33
profile photoJoel OrwigCambridge Cafe SupervisorRestaurant Operationsorwig@uwm.eduCambridge Commons Cafe
profile photoPatricia OwtenSandburg Café ManagerRestaurant Operations(414) 935-6922pfifer@uwm.eduSandburg Halls Sandburg Cafe
profile photoKelvin OwtenSandburg Cafe ChefRestaurant Operations(414) 229-5123owten@uwm.eduSandburg Hall 228
profile photoPatrick PaczesnyHuman Resources ManagerDivisions of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management(414) 229-6844paczesn2@uwm.eduChapman Hall M150B
profile photoLaura Pagel, MA, LPCSenior CounselorNorris Health Centerpagell@uwm.eduNorthwest Quadrant B



profile photoDeborah PagelBakerRestaurant Operations(414) 229-5123pageld@uwm.eduSandburg Halls Bakery
profile photoSamantha PalmisanoStudent Services SpecUWM Children's Learning Centercollura@uwm.eduNorthwest Quadrant C
profile photoCraig PapajohnHVAC MechanicUniversity Housing(414) 229-1136papajohn@uwm.eduSandburg Commons 170
profile photoChelsea PedlerUWM Student Union(414) 229-6062crpedler@uwm.eduStudent Union EB25B
profile photoStephen PennNetwork & Enterprise Systems SpecialistStudent Affairs and Enrollment Management IT Services(414) 290-7261penns@uwm.eduBolton Hall 280
profile photoEddie PhillipsSandburg Cafe ChefRestaurant Operationsphilliea@uwm.eduRiverview Cafe Cafe
profile photoMalcolm PittsleyFood Service AssistantRestaurant Operationsmxp@uwm.eduStudent Union UNION
profile photoJennifer PolingLead Teacher, Luna RoomUWM Children's Learning Center(414) 229-5384jguthrie@uwm.eduNorthwest Quadrant C 1606
profile photoKelly PopeSr Student Serv SpecUWM Children's Learning Center(414) 229-5384kellyp@uwm.eduNorthwest Quadrant C 1606
profile photoHeath PowellAssociate DirectorUniversity Recreation(414) 229-5209hbp@uwm.eduKlotsche Center 314
profile photoMary PradarelliMedical AssistantNorris Health Centerpradarel@uwm.eduNorris Health Center
profile photoJennifer Preder, RNSenior Student Health NurseNorris Health Ctrpreder@uwm.eduNorris Health Center


profile photoJennifer ProeberLead Teacher, Sunflower RoomUWM Children's Learning Center(414) 229-5384eisner@uwm.eduNorthwest Quadrant C 1606
profile photoEmily PunzelLead Teacher, Snowdrop RoomUWM Children's Learning Center(414) 229-5384eapunzel@uwm.eduNorthwest Quadrant C 1606
profile photoJane Ramsden, MS, LPCCrisis CounselorNorris Health Center(414) 229-4716ramsdenp@uwm.eduNorthwest Quadrant B 5472


profile photoRachel RautmannNurse PractitionerNorris Health Centerrautmanr@uwm.eduNorris Health Center
profile photoMary ReblinRESTOR ManagerRestaurant Operations(414) 229-5123reblin@uwm.eduRiverview Cafe 203
profile photoAndrew ReisVisual Art SupervisorUnion Marketing Services(414) 229-3725reis@uwm.eduStudent Union WG50
profile photoTerell RileyFood Service AssistantRestaurant Operationsrileytl@uwm.eduRiverview Residence Hall EATERY
profile photoMacKenzie Ringle, MPHCOVID-19 Support CoordinatorNorris Health Center-Health Promotion &


she, her, hers

profile photoKatherine RosePainterUniversity Housing(414) 750-4598roseke@uwm.eduSandburg Halls 150
profile photoCatherine RossiAssistant DirectorAthletics/Administrationrossic@uwm.eduPavilion 151A
profile photoSean Ryan, MA, LPCCase ManagerNorris Health Centerryansm@uwm.eduNorris Health Center 5th Floor



profile photoGenevieve SankeyStudent Services SpecialistUWM Children's Learning Centerglsankey@uwm.eduNorthwest Quadrant C
profile photoGeoffrey SaureResidential Area ManagerRestaurant Operationssaure@uwm.eduSandburg Halls
profile photoKenneth SaygoSandburg Café ChefRestaurant Operations(414) 229-5123saygo@uwm.eduSandburg Halls Cafe
profile photoAnn Schmidt, FNPSenior Nurse PractitionerNorris Health Center(414) 229-6043annms@uwm.eduNorris Health Center B29


profile photoDarla SchroederSr Student Serv SpecUWM Children's Learning Center(414) 229-5384darlaks2@uwm.eduNorthwest Quadrant C 1606
profile photoMichael SellGrab & Go Production LeaderRestaurant Operationssellm@uwm.eduSandburg Halls Cafe
profile photoCarmen SimpsonSr Student Serv SpecUWM Children's Learning Center(414) 229-5384cfunk@uwm.eduNorthwest Quadrant C 1606
profile photoJoyce Skinner, RN, MSN, FNPSenior Nurse PractitionerNorris Health Center(414) 229-4716jskinner@uwm.eduNorris Health Center B21


profile photoWillie SlocumCookRestaurant Operationsslocumw@uwm.eduCambridge Cafe
profile photoJazmyn SmithLead Teacher, Clover RoomUWM Children's Learning Center(414) 229-5384smithjt@uwm.eduNorthwest Quadrant B 1665
profile photoFrederick SmithUWM Student Union(414) 229-6746smit3343@uwm.eduStudent Union EB25B
profile photoElizabeth SmithDirectorChildren's Learning Centeressmith@uwm.eduNorthwest Quadrant Building C
profile photoMaryann Sonsalla, MDSenior PhysicianNorris Health Center(414) 229-4716sonsalla@uwm.eduNorris Health Center 127


She / Her / Hers

profile photoRyan StasiewiczComm Spec SenrUnion Marketing Services(414) 229-3131rjs5@uwm.eduStudent Union
profile photoMason StichGraphic DesignerUnion Marketing Services(414) 229-5538mdstich@uwm.eduStudent Union WG50
profile photoErin SwansonExecutive Pastry ChefRestaurant Operations(414) 229-5123swansoeb@uwm.eduSandburg Halls Bakery
profile photoDonald TatumCustodianUniversity Housing(414) 229-6435tatumd@uwm.eduSandburg Commons
profile photoSusan Thaller, FNP-BC, APNPFamily Nurse PractionerNorris Health Centersthaller@uwm.eduNorris Health Center


profile photoBenjamin TragerDirector of Community-Based LearningCenter for Community-Based Learning, Leadership, and Research(414) 229-3161bwtrager@uwm.eduStudent Union WG28
profile photoTrevor TrantowFood Service AssistantRestaurant Operationsttrantow@uwm.eduStudent Union UNION
profile photoTrina Van SchyndelProgram ManagerCenter for Community-Based Learning, Leadership, and Research(414) 229-3161vanschyn@uwm.eduStudent Union G28
profile photoJill VetterSandburg Cafe ManagerRestaurant Operations(414) 229-5123jrvetter@uwm.eduSandburg Halls Sandburg Cafe
profile photoKelly Wahlen, MDSenior PsychiatristNorris Health Center(414) 229-5781wahlen@uwm.eduNorthwest Quadrant B 5476



profile photoRegina WattsFood Service AssistantRestaurant Operations(414) 229-5123wattsr@uwm.eduCambridge Commons Cafe
profile photoNicholas WesellPrinting AssistantUnion Marketing Services(414) 229-6097nswesell@uwm.eduStudent Union WB11
profile photoAnna WiekerAssoc Student Sv SpecUWM Children's Learning Centeralwieker@uwm.eduNorthwest Quadrant C
profile photoAhna WilsonUWM Student Union(414) 722-9887wilsonaa@uwm.eduStudent Union 363
profile photoYee Xiong, RNStudent Health NurseNorris Health Center(414) 229-4716ynxiong@uwm.eduNorris Health Center


profile photoMai Yer YangDirectorInclusive Excellence Center(414) 299-7235yang692@uwm.eduStudent Union W198
profile photoBilly YorkSandburg Cafe LeadRestaurant Operations(414) 229-5123york@uwm.eduSandburg Halls Cafe
profile photoDejuan YoungFood Service AssistantRestaurant Operations(414) 229-4146young69@uwm.eduStudent Union Dishroom
profile photoAmy ZippelLead Teacher, Oak RoomUWM Children's Learning Center(414) 229-5384abzippel@uwm.eduNorthwest Quadrant C 1606
profile photoCheri ZylkaAssociate DirectorUWM Children's Learning Center(414) 229-5384czylka@uwm.eduNorthwest Quadrant C 1606