Green Office Certification


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Green Office Certification

UWM Green Office CertificationThe UWM Green Office certification recognizes departments on campus that put forth the extra effort to have greener operations and lower their carbon footprint. The program identifies a set of conditions and actions – some optional and some required – that departments can take to obtain the green certification. Departments need to document all of the required pre‐requisite criteria and specified number of the total optional criteria. Certification is good for 3 years; criteria and other requirements may change over time.

How to achieve certification

  • Step 1: Hold a department meeting to determine which points you intend to implement.
  • Step 2: Use this Resource Guide to determine the requirements for each point and the necessary documentation; you may also want to consult with the Office of Sustainability:
  • Step 3: Implement the new initiatives and tally up your points on the Green Office Checklist. Note: Points will only be certified for initiatives that have been actively implemented in the last year.
  • Step 4: Complete the checklist and submit to the Office of Sustainability: Documentation as described within this resource guide should be included with the application, preferably in electronic form only. Photos are especially welcome.   The timeline for completing the Green Office Certification should be determined by the certifying office based on their needs and level of certification they wish to obtain.
  • Step 5: An audit of the checklist materials and a review meeting will be scheduled, where the application will be reviewed.
  • Step 6: Provide any additional information or make modifications as requested by the audit and review team.
  • Step 7: Certification confirmed – post your new certificate and celebrate!  The Office of Sustainability will assist with campus recognition.
  • Step 8: Incentives will be considered for implementing credits.