UWM utilizes Perceptive Software’s Perceptive Content (formerly known as ImageNow) to help assist with paper reduction. Perceptive Content is a software suite that enables employees to organize content from many different sources, including paper documents. Perceptive Content simplifies the process of content management and easily integrates into your organization or department’s business processes.


  • Secure document storage, transmission and retrieval
  • Improves business processes and efficiency
  • Reduces storage, paper and mailing needs
  • Easy file access through keyword search

Key Features

  • Consulting services: analysis, education, design and implementation
  • Enables easy management of electronic content
  • Simplifies content management and document retrieval
  • Your processes can grow and change as your needs change

How does Student Affairs utilize Paper Reduction?

With the help of Perceptive Content Student Affairs has greatly reduced paper usage in a number of areas including Undergraduate Admissions, the Registrar’s Office, Financial Aid, and the Student Affairs Vice Chancellor’s Office.  Everything from scanned in Admissions mail to electronically captured transcripts to easily searchable personnel files.  Student Affairs is reducing the amount of paper, the amount of storage space, and the amount of manpower needed to keep large amounts of paper records in-house.

Paper Reduction Team Members

Janet Mittelstadt
Lorraine King Mararri
Ryan McNallie
Kurtis Witzlsteiner
Matthew Schutz

How can I get started with Paper Reduction?

A consultant will work with you to guide you through the analysis, education, design, and implementation of document imaging that is right for your office. An implementation can be simple document archiving/imaging or more complex workflow management as is needed. Phased deployments are often valuable approaches for large or complex deployments.

To get started email it-services@uwm.edu to schedule an initial consultation.