Use this quick and easy lookup to find the HR representative assigned to your department. For general questions or assistance, please contact one of the representatives from the Student Affairs Divisional Office.

Department Name Number Email
Athletics Shelley Bugni 414 229-6315
Retail Services Yuliya Lipskaya 414 229-4470
Career Planning & Resource Center Shelley Bugni 414-229-3755
Center for Community Based Learning and Research Shelley Bugni 414-229-6315
Center for Student Involvement Erica Paczesny 414-229-2865
Children’s Learning Center Jacob Abdulrahman 414-229-5384
Dean of Students Shelley Bugni 414-229-6315
Financial Aid VACANT 414-229-2838
Housing Amanda Eischen 414-229-5668
Inclusive Excellence Center Shelley Bugni 414-229-6315
LGBTQ+ Resource Center Shelley Bugni 414-229-6315
Neighborhood Housing and COAST Shelley Bugni 414 229-6315
Norris Health Center Pamela Villanueva 414-229-6647
Registrar’s Office Susan Noss 414-229-4255
Retail Services Yuliya Lipskaya 414-229-4470
SA Professional Staff Shelley Bugni 414-229-6315
Student Affairs Information Technology Services James Downey 414-229-3634
Student Success Center Shelley Bugni 414 229-6315
Undergraduate Admissions VACANT 414-229-2838
Union Erica Paczesny 414-229-2865
University Recreation Capri Amelunk 414-229-5307
Military and Veterans Resource Center Shelley bugni 414-229-6315
Office of Student Affairs James Downey 414-229-5933
Lorraine King Marrari 414-229-6706
Yvette Alicea-Reed 414-229-7218
Patrick Paczesny 414-229-6844
Shelley Bugni 414-229-6315
Yuliya Lipskaya 414-229-4470
Women’s Resource Center Shelley Bugni 414-229-6315