Who Isn’t Using Patient Portals And Why?

The Health Affairs online journal recently published the research article “Who Isn’t Using Patient Portals And Why? Evidence And Implications From A National Sample Of U.S. Adults” by Denise L. Anthony (University of Michigan), Celeste Campos-Castillo (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), and Paulina S. Lim (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee graduate student of psychology). The December 2018 issue of Health Affairs is dedicated to Telehealth, a broad range of technologies used to connect clinicians to each other and to their patients. Distinguished authors examined the broad reach of telehealth and highlighted significant areas of unrealized potential and discussed their findings at a forum at the National Press Club in Washington, DC., on December 4, 2018. National Press conference.

Article on Celeste Campos-Castillo’s research in L&S InFocus Online Magazine https://issuu.com/uw-milwaukee/docs/02_february_2019_in_focus?e=35773635/67545721