Costello: The Intersex Roadshow Blog

Cary Gabriel Costello’s public sociology blog, The Intersex Roadshow, was selected as a Noted LGBTQ+ Studies Website that will be archived by the Library of Congress. Dr. Costello has been posting articles educating the public about intersex history, contemporary intersex experience, and advocacy for the rights of people born sex-variant via this blog for almost a decade.

Dr. Costello is committed to the ideal of sharing scholarship with the public, in ways that can help to improve not just understanding, but people’s lives. “Academic publishing is central to the duties of a professor, but I believe making knowledge accessible to ordinary people is a vital public duty. When I publish an academic journal article, this is an important documentation and sharing of research, but it’s unlikely to be read by more than a few hundred people at best. My Intersex Roadshow blog, on the other hand, has had an average of about 8000 views a month for over 9.5 years. I’ve been able to share what I know with hundreds of thousands of people via the blog–people who can put that knowledge to work to help themselves and others. It’s been my privilege, and I’m very honored that the Library of Congress will be archiving the blog to keep it accessible to posterity.”