Safety Training Information

Our variety of training options should help prepare you for some of the most common situations that have happened on campuses today. Please click on any of the four offerings below to find out more about that type of training.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the pandemic, training offerings have been suspended until further notice unless offered virtually. Currently both the Active Shooter and Campus Safety Training can be held virtually.

American Heart Association AED/CPR

  • In the case that someone you know or don’t know needs an AED or CPR, we will give you the skills to save a life.

Awareness, Knowledge, Action (A.K.A.) Self Defense

  • Creating distance between yourself and your aggressor is a key to your own safety. Let us teach you the skills.

Active Shooter

  • Unfortunately this is a current reality that we all face. Let us teach you what to do in order to survive a situation like this.

Campus Safety Training for Faculty & Instructional Staff

  • This joint presentation between the Dean of Students Office and UWM Police is geared towards classroom & campus safety.

To see all of our upcoming training opportunities, please visit our Upcoming Trainings page.