UWMPD Offers FREE self defense course to faculty, staff, and students.

Course Type

In-class room

Course Goal

The goal of this program is to teach the self-defense curriculum in an effective manner that will maximize the retention of the educational material and Physical techniques, giving the patrons of the class a variety of defense options.

Target Audience

This course is intended for the UWM Campus Community (Faculty, Staff, and Students).


The UWMPD self-defense program will be comprised of two sections: the first section will be lecture focusing on situational awareness on campus and off campus, the second portion will focus on UWMPD approved physical techniques designed to maximize strength and to create distance.

Course Objectives

Upon Completion of this course, students will be able to

  • Know when to use self-defense
  • Understand the importance of enhanced safety awareness
  • Know how to demonstrate a proper strike and elbow
  • Know how to demonstrate a proper kick and knee strike
  • Know how to defend against choke holds
  • Understand the importance of other self-defense options

Main Topics

  • Related Wisconsin State Statutes
  • Safety AwarenessWhile you’re out and about
  • Safety Awareness-Vehicles
  • Safety Awareness-Social media
  • On/Off campus Resources