Department Services

Law Enforcement and Security

We provide UWM campus patrol and safety, facility security, and personal safety escorts and advice. Conduct on University Lands is governed under UWS Chapter 18. To learn more about UWS Chapter 18 navigate to our Off Campus Resources.

Investigative Services

Our team of investigators are well trained and equipped to provide a thorough review and examination for a broad spectrum of situations or events.  Some of this training is through our collaborative relationship with the Milwaukee Police Department.  Investigative services offer a whole host of responses to include, but not limited to: financial crimes, sensitive crimes, general crimes and cold case review. The investigative services team provide coverage for the University 24 hours per day throughout the calendar year.

TEAM Policing

Community Policing Team
Sensitive Crimes Team
Mountain Bike Patrol Team
LGBTQ Liaison Team

So, what does all of this information mean to you? As your Police Department, we strive to create a safe and secure environment in which you can learn, live, and work. We do this by working as a TEAM in the department and partnering with the campus community. We operate under the motto, “Building Relationships ~ Protecting Community.” The underlying idea is that everyone shares in the responsibility to keep UW-Milwaukee safe. We will work with you to help make that a reality. We encourage everyone to take a more in-depth look by going to our TEAM Policing page.

Safety Training Information

We offer a variety of training opportunities to students, faculty, and staff. Our goal is to provide you the skills to save a life, protect your life, and how to detect problems when you see them. Please visit our Safety Training page to learn more about our training opportunities.

To see all of our upcoming training opportunities calendar, please visit our Upcoming Trainings page.

Vehicle Assistance

From vehicle lockouts to dead battery jump starts, we are here to help you when your vehicle is giving you trouble. Call our non-emergency number and request vehicle assistance, and we will assist you as soon as we are available.

Lost & Found

Items of value that have been turned in around campus end up being brought to us. Please call our non-emergency phone number or stop by the police department to get reunited with your missing property.

Open Records Requests

To request copies of police reports or other public records visit University Relations & Communications to make your request here.

To request copies of accident reports visit Wisconsin Department of Transportation Crash Reports here.