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Masters of Arts in Philosophy

The department offers a two-year program leading to a Masters of Arts in Philosophy. We grant admission not only to students who have an undergraduate major in philosophy, but also to those who have concentrated in other fields. While the program is suitable for a variety of career paths, we have designed it especially to prepare students who want to pursue a Ph.D. in philosophy. We closely monitor students’ progress and develop individualized courses of study to fill in background gaps. We also provide significant exposure to graduate seminars. Most of our graduating students win admission with financial support to high-quality Ph.D. programs, including some of the top programs in the field. For more detailed information look at our student placement record.

To find more information on how to apply, follow the link on the side bar menu, “Graduate Application Process.” See where to apply. More links to the Graduate School webpage below.

For academic and programmatic information on the MA Philosophy Program, contact:

Associate Professor Stan Husi
Graduate Admissions Chair
Office: Curtain Hall 635

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