Colloquia Spring 2015

Join us for the Philosophy Spring Colloquia! February 13, March 5, March 10, and April 10. Be sure to note the appropriate location for each session. Start time: 3:30pm.

Friday, February 13, 3:30pm
Mark Wilson, University of Pittsburgh
“Ways of Chartmaking”
Mitchell Hall 361

Thursday, March 5, 3:30pm
Alison Jaggar, University of Colorado, Boulder
“Hearts Starve as well as Bodies”
4th Floor Golda Meir Library Conference Center
Cosponsored with the Women’s Studies Department, William F Vilas Trust Fund, Year of the Humanities, and the UWM College of Letters and Science.

Tuesday, March 10, 3:30pm
Paul Franks, Yale University
“Logic and the Critique of Metaphysics: Kant on the Determinacy of Concepts and the Space of Reasons”
Curtin Hall 175

Friday, April 10, 3:30pm
Valia Allori, Northern Illinois University
“What does Quantum Mechanics tell us about Time?”
Curtin Hall 175