Colloquia Fall 2015

Join us for the Philosophy Spring Colloquia! September 11, October 23, November 13, November 20, and December 11. The location for each session is Curtin Hall 175. Start time: 3:30pm.

Friday, September 11, 3:30pm
Monika Betzler, University of Berne
“Evaluative Commitments”
Curtin Hall 175

Friday, October 23, 3:30pm
Stephen Neale, City University of New York
“Natural and Nonnatural Interpretation”
Curtin Hall 175

Friday, November 13, 3:30pm
Albert Casullo, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
“Modal Empiricism: What is the Problem?”
Curtin Hall 175

Friday, November 20, 3:30 pm
Mazviita Chirimuuta, University of Pittsburgh
“The Irreducibility of Colour”
Curtin Hall 175

Friday, December 11, 3:30 pm
Anthony Laden, University of Illinois, Chicago
“Rawls and the Practice of Equality”
Curtin Hall 175