Black History Month: UWM Philosopher Dr. Cornelius Golightly 

Dr. Cornelius Golightly was the first Black faculty member of the Philosophy Department at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. He originally was a member of the University of Wisconsin Extension College in Milwaukee which was one of the two schools that merged to become UWM in 1955. He remained a member of the Department of Philosophy until 1969 when he took a job at Wayne State University as Associate Dean and Professor of Philosophy.

During his time at UWM Dr. Golightly was a scholar, activist, and public philosopher. He published in top tier philosophy journals such as the Journal of Philosophy, Philosophical Review, Philosophy of Science, The Monist, and the like. His academic work addressed philosophical topics of interest at the time (e.g., Mind-body Causation, The James Lange theory of emotion). Writings in more public venues engaged matters of concern to the Black educational community.  While in Milwaukee he was very active in public education. He was the first African American elected to the Milwaukee School Board. Dr. Golightly fought to introduce busing to promote the integration of Black students into schools throughout the city, and in the early 1960s he advocated for a federally sponsored free breakfast program for poor students. Unfortunately, both efforts were thwarted.

There is a biography of Cornelius Golightly in the most recent APA Newsletter for Philosophy and the Black Experience. It is a republished version of this article at Black Past:

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