Undergraduates compete for research glory

More than 270 UWM students from across disciplines presented results of their research from this academic year at the annual symposium sponsored by the UWM Office of Undergraduate Research on April 28.

Office of Undergraduate Research symposium winners pose with their ribbons. (Submitted photo)
Office of Undergraduate Research symposium winners pose with their ribbons. (Submitted photo)

The projects included oral, performance and poster presentations on a range of topics – from sustainable neighborhoods to the effect of meditation on heart health after anger.

The work on view at the symposium represented only a portion of the undergraduate research going on across campus. Every year, between 750 and 900 undergraduates work directly with faculty on various kinds of projects.

About half of these students receive academic credit for their work, said Kyla Esguerra, deputy director of the Office of Undergraduate Research. The others are paid through external and internal grants, including the Support for Undergraduate Research Fellows grants awarded by the OUR.

Ribbons of merit went to the following 12 teams:


  • Adam Aleiou


  • Emily Bartsch, Kayla Flentje, Chantee Kelly, Nicole Lagenfeld, Countess Olivia Valenza, and Natalie Moss

Mechanical Engineering

  • Ameralys Correa

Biological Sciences

  • Lily Gierke
  • Jennifer Wendlick
  • Sarah Sarich, Majdulin Nabil Istiban, and Samantha L. Skorlinski


  • Rachel Gremminger
  • Madeline Kallenbach
  • Sarah Philippi
  • Gabriella Van Den Elzen

Freshwater Sciences

  • Matthew Ryther

Art & Design

  • Madison Dawne Tebo

And the winner of the student vote for Undergraduate Research Mentor of the Year was Arijit Sen, associate professor of architecture, who mentored seven individual undergrad researchers in this year’s symposium.



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