Some tips for off-campus students on winter break

As students gear up for finals and the approaching winter break, there are a few things to do around the apartment before leaving town. Here’s a quick list for students who live off-campus:

Keep the heat on: While it may be tempting to turn off the heat entirely to save money, when temperatures drop, the pipes can freeze and burst. It’s OK to turn your heat down, but make sure it’s warm enough to avoid freezing pipes.

Clean out the fridge: If you’re leaving for an extended amount of time, clean out the refrigerator. Take along anything that could go bad, or toss it.

Tidy up: Sweep the floors and clear counters of any crumbs. In cold weather, pests seek out warm places for shelter — you don’t want that to be your home.

Secure your rental: Make sure all doors and windows are shut and locked before leaving for break. Alert your landlord to any locks that don’t work so they can repair them.

For any off-campus questions or concerns, contact the UWM Neighborhood Housing Office at or 414-229-6999.

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