School of Nursing Faculty and Staff Meeting, 04/19/2024

School of Nursing Faculty and Staff Meeting
Microsoft Teams:, 09:00 am
Purpose of Meeting: I. Call to order and roll call

II. Automatic Consent
A. Agenda: April 19, 2024, meeting
B. Minutes: March 15, 2024, meeting
C. Coming from UPC:
1. Proposed UPC 05-05-17(3)C Progression and Appeals Policy – UPC approved proposed change of one word on page 7. (Attachment A)
2. UG Spring 2024 Grad List for Faculty Approval (Attachment B) – check w/Nicole

III. School Business
New Business
A. Coming from: CHPS:
1. Vote: CHPS Governance document. (Attachment C)

IV. School Communications
A. Announcements
1. J. Doering, announcements. Strategic Planning update
2. Teams Meetings Reactions: How to use the reactions in Teams Meetings – and how to turn them off ( – R. Chiappa (5 minutes)
3. Research Report – A. Talsma | tentative (25 minutes)
B. Reports
1. College of Health Professions and Sciences (CHPS) Report (K. Litwack) – no report
2. School of Nursing (SON) Report by Head of School (J. Doering)
3. Committee Reports (2-3 min. each)
i. Research Committee (RC) – A. Talsma/A. Dressel
ii. Academic Planning Committee (APC) – M. Taani
iii. Academic Staff Committee (ASC) – A. Sikes
iv. Committee for Practice and Partnership (CPP) – L. Woehrle/K. Ryan
v. DEIJ Committee (DEIJ) – L. Woehrle/S. Gopalakrishnan
vi. Graduate Programs Committee (GPC) – J. Holt/H. Oh
vii. Undergraduate Program Committee (UPC) – J. Ellis/C. Ziebert
viii. Executive Committee (EC) – P. Kako
ix. IAS Review Committee (IASR) – M. Polfuss/N. McAndrew
x. Subcommittee for Faculty Review (SFR) – J. Snethen
4. Unit Reports (2-3 min. each)
i. Student Affairs (SA) – R. Jens
ii. Simulation Center – J. Rotier
iii. Educational Design & Technology – L. Bennett / R. Chiappa – written report (Attachment D)
5. Program Director Reports (2-3 min. each)
i. PhD Program (J. Snethen)
ii. DNP Program (C. Klingbeil)
iii. MN Program (P. Lucey)
iv. MSP Program (L. Woehrle)
v. RN-BSN Completion Program (N. Simonson)
vi. UG Program (M. Brown)

6. Sigma Theta Tau, Eta Nu Chapter (J. Snethen) – 2-3 min.

B. Good and Welfare
A. Working Well Initiative Committee (WWIC – R. Treisman) – 2-3 min.

C. Adjournment
Contact: Sonya Sharp,, (414) 229-6188.

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