School of Education team receives grant for inclusive early childhood program

Faculty members from the School of Education recently received a $2.87 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education for an inclusive early childhood education program.

The five-year grant from the Office of English Language Acquisition will support an inclusive early childhood program that offers dual certification in early childhood education and early childhood special education along with add-on certification (if students choose) for English as a second language and/or bilingual education.

The program, is set to start in the fall of 2023, is designed to support both students entering the teaching profession and teachers already in classrooms. In addition to helping teachers develop the skills they need to respond to different needs, the program will provide mentors to work with them.

“We focused on early childhood specifically because of all the language development that happens then,” said Tatiana Joseph, principal investigator for the project and assistant professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning’s second language program. “It is really a chance to build skills within and across languages. We have a chance to make an early impact.”

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