Open Textbook and Open Educational Resource Adoption Project

UWM Libraries and the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning invite instructors to participate in the Open Textbook and Open Educational Resource Adoption Project, a grant for large-enrollment, credit-bearing courses.

The average undergraduate paid $1,225 for textbooks and supplies for the 2014-15 school year. The high cost of course materials can impede students’ academic success, because seven in ten students don’t purchase a required textbook during their academic career because of cost. Recent research by Hilton, Fischer, Wiley and Lane shows that students do as well or better in courses where open educational resources are adopted.

Feedback from UWM faculty and 3,000 U.S. faculty shows that a major barrier to OER adoption is lack of available supplemental course materials. This project provides instructors with the tools to find, modify or create interactive course materials to supplement open textbooks.

For more information about the benefits of open educational resources and how to participate, visit the project’s webpage.


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