Multicultural Open House showcases UWM resources for students

The Multicultural Network at UWM is hosting the second annual Multicultural Open House for students to explore the resources available at the Multicultural Student Centers on the first floor of Bolton Hall. The open house will take place on Sept. 12 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Multicultural Student Centers that will be featured include:

  • American Indian Student Center, Bolton 195
  • Electa Quinney Institute, Bolton 187
  • Roberto Hernandez Center, Bolton 183
  • Black Cultural Center, Bolton 176
  • African American Student Services, Bolton 170
  • Southeast Asian Student Services, Bolton 160

More resource centers will be present at the open house that will be sharing space inside a Multicultural Student Center. The LGBTQ+ Resource Center will be available to talk within the Black Cultural Center and the Military and Veterans Resource Center will be hosted by the Electa Quinney Institute for the event. Many other centers and programs will have representation at the event for students to talk to like Norris Health Center and Maternal and Child Health Pipeline Program.

Each center will serve free food traditional to their culture. Gift cards from Walmart, Potbelly’s, Ian’s Pizza, Pizza Shuttle and Shorewood Metro Market will be raffled off. The raffle grand prize is a “student survival kit” full of goodies like ramen, T-shirts, water bottles and backpacks.

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