Museum Studies Electives

mpm10-900Here is a list of some elective courses that may be of interest to students enrolled in the Museum Studies Certificate Program. If you are interested in taking any of these courses, please contact the professors or departments directly for more information about the course content.

College of Letters and Science


Anthro 354: Anthropology of Art (3 credits)
Styles, techniques, and aesthetics of the arts of non-Western peoples; their relation to other aspects of culture, prehistoric and contemporary art in selected areas.

Anthro 426 – Who Owns the Past? (3 credits)
Social/political ramifications of the study, interpretation, presentation, conservation of the past; institutions/stakeholders involved in those processes: museums, scholars, ethnic groups, the public.

Anthro 920 – Advanced Seminar in Museological Problems (3 credits)
Use of museum collections/museums to examine museum work regarding legal considerations, ethics, documentation; use of collections to test theories and develop conceptual exhibits.


This department offers a number of courses that may complement the museum studies certificate. If you have a specific research interest it might be useful to refer to the course listings in the department each semester.

Graduate Certificate in Rhetorical Leadership

Commun 701 – Critical Analysis of Communication (3 credits)
Introduction to the methods and techniques of humanistic research in communication, with special focus on problems of criticism and history.

Commun 762 – Argumentation in Theory and Practice (3 credits )
Integrates argumentation theories and real-life arguing experience to practice leadership-in-action. Assumes no prior knowledge of argumentation theories.

Commun 772 – Rhetorical Leadership and Ethics (3 credits )
Examines the practice of responsible leadership from the humanities-based perspectives of rhetoric.

Graduate Certificate in Non-Profit Management

Students may not receive credit toward the certificate for more than one of these courses.

One of the following three courses:
Bus Mgmt 718 – Concepts and Practice of Nonprofit Management (3 credits)
Nonprof 704 – Seminar in Nonprofit Organizations (3 credits)
Nonprof 789 – Theory and Role of Nonprofit Organizations (3 credits)

Both of the following two courses:
Bus Mgmt 724 – Accounting for Nonprofit Organizations (3 credits)
Bus Mgmt 725 – Governance and Executive Leadership of Nonprofit Organizations (3 credits)

One of the following three courses:
Bus Adm 766 – Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations (3 credits)
Bus Mgmt 721 – Fundraising and Development for Nonprofit Organizations (3 credits)
Nonprof 705 – Professionals and Volunteers in Nonprofit Organizations (3 credits)

College of Community Engagement & Professions

MLIS – Coordinated Degree Program

L&I Sci 501 – Foundations of Library and Information Science, 3 credits
Historical introduction to library and information science (LIS); outline of the role of information agencies in disseminating knowledge to users; overview of research in LIS.

L&I Sci 511 – Organization of Information, 3 credits
Introduction to basic concepts in the theoretical, practical, and technological aspects of information organization. Not open for cr to students with cr in L&I Sci 530.

L&I Sci 571 – Information Access and Retrieval, 3 credits
An overview of the concepts and theory related to information retrieval.

L&I Sci 591: Research in Library and Information Science, 3 credits
An introduction to basic research concepts, methods, and evaluation in library and information science, and applications of research in the information professions.