Admission and Enrollment

All students must be enrolled in or accepted into a UWM Graduate Program in order to be accepted into the Museum Studies Program. Students who wish to enter the Museum Studies Program should both:

  1. apply directly to the UWM Graduate School in their discipline (or be currently enrolled), and
  2. notify the Museum Studies Program coordinators of their intent to enter and afterwards, apply for admittance to the program using the UWM Graduate School’s online graduate certificate application.

Most Museum Studies Program students are Anthropology or History graduate students, but students from other disciplines such as Art History, Botany, Education, Fine Arts, Geology, Library and Information Science, and Zoology participate as well.

It is expected that students enrolled in the program will hold at least a bachelors degree, have an undergraduate grade point average of 2.75 or higher, and be seriously committed to a career in museums, historical agencies, preservation organizations, or related institutions. No prior museum experience is required, but it is highly encouraged. Students may not audit courses in the program and are expected to complete the entire program.

Graduate Program Information

Registering for Museums Studies Courses

Courses cannot be taken on-line and students must be able to physically attend classes at the Milwaukee Public Museum or at UWM to complete the program (and pass a background check required by the MPM). Upon acceptance into the program, students are eligible to register for the first core course (Anthro 620) and the “History and Theory Seminar” (Anthro 720). Waiver of a course requirement is contingent upon consent of the Museum Studies Graduate Certificate Program Co-Coordinators. Successful completion of the Program requires students to maintain a “B+” average in museum studies courses. Students are awarded certificates only when they successfully complete all the requirements for the degree in their graduate program. Graduation requires that students submit graduation application for both their academic discipline degree and for the Certificate in Museum Studies.

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