Museum Internships

Anthro 621 – Internship in Museum Studies (Anthro 724 previously)*


An internship is the most effective way of gaining in-depth practical experience in a chosen area of professional museum practice, and students may complete internships in various sections of the Milwaukee Public Museum or in other museums. Students considering an internship should apply to a potential internship site at least one semester before they plan to perform an internship. They should also be aware that a limited number of internships are available and that students compete for internships with students from other schools and programs. Because of the time commitment required, internships taken during the summer when classes are not in session have proven to be most effective.

Registration in course Anthro 621 requires the approval and signature of Program Coordinator Dr. W. Warner Wood of the UWM Anthropology Department. Students should be aware that an internship site may have special requirements regarding an internship performed at their institution. It is the student’s responsibility to incorporate these policies into their internship plan in consultation with Dr. Wood.

For students entering the program beginning Fall 2019 and thereafter, the Anthro 621 “Internship in Museum Studies Syllabus and Contract” provide detailed information about registering and completing the internship for course credit.

Anthro 621 Internship and Contract

* Regarding those who began the program up to Fall 2018, students may complete an internship by registering for the course Anthro 724. The same requirements of  approval, signature, and consultation with Dr. Wood apply.  The Anthro 724 “Internship Contract” provides detailed information about registering and completing the internship for course credit

Anthro 724 Internship Contract