The 2018 MSGCP graduating cohort of 20 students

We are the 2018 graduates of the Museum Studies Graduate Certificate Program!

Kevin Akemann (Anthropology MS)
Madison Auten (Anthropology MS)
Nicole Bodenstein (Anthropology MS)
Tomislav Boskovic (Anthropology MS/MLIS)
Tasha Cole (Anthropology MS)
Christopher Connors (Public History MA)
Kathryn Duff (Anthropology MS)
Devinne Fackelman (Anthropology MS)
Rachelle Halaska (Anthropology MS)
Patrick Hall (Public History)

Lauren Keisewetter (Anthropology MS)
Harrison Marcott (Public History MA)
Jessica McCall (MLIS)
Paul Moriarity (Anthropology MS)
Calli Niemi (Public History MA)
Hannah Patten (Anthropology MS)
Kirby Pezley (Anthropology MS/MLIS)
Rebecca Sottile (Public History)
Serena Steuttgen (Public History MA)
Megan Thornton (Anthropology MS)