Lesson 17

理财与投资 Finance and Investment

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理财 to manage money(lǐcái)
投资 to invest (money); (financial) investment(tóuzī)
剩余 to be left over; surplus(shèngyú)
利息 interest(lìxī)
增加 to increase; to add(zēngjiā)
一向 all along; the whole time; constantly(yíxiàng)
省吃俭用 to be frugal (with food and other living expenses)(shěngchījiǎnyòng)
存款 bank savings(cúnkuǎn)
方式 way; method(fāngshì)
涨 (of water, prices, etc.) to rise; to surge; to go up(zhǎng)
炒 to stir-fry; to sauté; to speculate (for profit)(chǎo)
消费 to consume(xiāofèi)
享受 to enjoy; enjoyment; pleasure(xiǎngshòu)
引起 to give rise to; to lead to(yǐnqǐ)
思考 to think deeply; to ponder over; contemplation; cogitation(sīkǎo)
矛盾 contradiction; contradictory; conflicting(máodùn)
郁闷 gloomy; depressed(yùmèn)
笔 (measure word for sums of money)(bǐ)
孙子 son’s son; grandson(sūnzi)
孙女 son’s daughter; granddaughter(sūnnü)
未婚妻 fiancée(wèihūnqī)
算 to count as; to be considered as(suàn)
合 to combine; to join(hé)
劝 to persuade; to advise; to urge(quàn)
辛苦 hard; strenuous; toilsome; laborious; to work hard; to go to trouble(xīnkǔ)
老太太 elderly lady(lǎotàitai)
攒 to accumulate; to hoard; to save; to scrape together(zǎn)
老年 old age(lǎonián)
说服 to persuade; to convince(shuōfú)
终于 at last; in the end; finally; eventually(zhōngyú)
接着 to follow; to continue(jiēzhe)
中 to fit exactly; to hit(zhòng)
签 to sign; to autograph(qiān)
合同 agreement; contract(hétong)
想法 idea; opinion (xiǎngfǎ)
突然 sudden; unexpected(tūrán)
姐妹 sisters; female friends or co-workers who share a sister-like bond(jiěmèi)
麻将 mahjong(májiàng)
股市 stock market(gǔshì)
风险 risk; danger; hazard(fēngxiǎn)
抵押 to mortgage(dǐyā)
股票 stock; share(gǔpiào)
跌 to fall(diē)
赔 to lose (money, etc); to suffer a loss in a deal(péi)