Lesson 14

生活与健康 Lifestyle and Health

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与 and; with(yǔ)
夫妻 husband and wife; couple(fūqī)
退休 to retire(tuìxiū)
博物馆 museum(bówùguǎn)
散步 to take a walk; to go for a walk(sànbù)
锻炼 to exercise; to work out; to undergo physical training(duànliàn)
圈 circle; to encircle; to mark with a circle(quān)
排 to line up; row; line; (measure word for rows)(pái)
队 a row or line of people; column; (measure word for teams and lines)(duì)
太极拳 tai chi; a form of traditional Chinese shadow boxing(tàijíquán)
早晨 morning; early morning(zǎochen)
成为 to become; to turn into(chéngwéi)
使 to make; to cause; to have someone do something(shǐ)
显得 to appear (to be); to seem(xiǎnde)
活力 vitality; energy(huólì)
出门 to go out; to leave home(chūmén)
瑜伽 yoga(yújiā)
动作 movement; action(dòngzuò)
树 tree(shù)
表演 to perform; to act; performance(biǎoyǎn)
重视 to attach importance to; to think much of(zhòngshì)
注意 to pay attention to; attention(zhùyì)
等 and so forth; etc(děng)
健身房 fitness center; gym(jiànshēnfáng)
偶尔 occasionally(ǒu’ěr)
身材 stature; figure(shēncái)
等于 to equal; to be equivalent to; to amount to(děngyú)
减肥 to lose weight(jiǎnféi)
只要 only if; as long as(zhǐyào)
随便 casual; careless; to do as one pleases(suíbiàn)
即使 even if(jíshǐ)
营养 nutrition; nourishment(yíngyǎng)
饱 full; satiated (after a meal)(bǎo)
可见 it is obvious that; it can be seen that(kějiàn)
科学 science; scientifi; rational(kēxué)
方面 aspect; respect(fāngmiàn)
吸烟 to smoke a cigarette(xīyān)
熬夜 to stay up late or all night; to burn the midnight oil(áoyè)
必须 must; have to; be obliged to(bìxū)
补充 to supplement; to replenish(bǔchōng)
睡眠 sleep(shuìmián)
否则 otherwise(fǒuzé)
只 (measure word for one of certain paired things and some animals)(zhī)
熊猫 panda(xióngmāo)
李文 (a personal name)(lǐwén)