Lesson 11

中国的节日 Chinese Holidays

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节日 holiday; festival(jiérì)
结束 to end; to finish(jiéshù)
继续 to continue; to go on with(jìxù)
舅舅 mother’s brother; maternal uncle (jiùjiu)
舅妈 wife of mother’s brother(jiùmā)
小区 residential development; residential complex; subdivisions(xiǎoqū)
环境 environment; surroundings(huánjìng)
除夕 Chinese New Year’s Eve(chúxī)
年夜饭 Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner(niányèfàn)
感情 feeling; emotion; affection(gǎnqíng)
墙 wall(qiáng)
贴 to paste; to glue(tiē)
幸福 happy; happiness; prosperity; fortune(xìngfú)
福 blessing; good fortune(fú)
倒 to turn upside down; to go backwards(dào)
奇怪 strange; odd(qíguài)
意思 meaning(yìsi)
餐 meal(cān)
本来 original; originally; at first(běnlái)
家 (measure word for families and commercial establishments such as restaurants, hotels, shops, companies, etc.)(jiā)
气氛 atmosphere; ambiance (qìfēn)
以 with(yǐ)
代 to replace; to substitute(dài)
酒 alcohol; liquor(jiǔ)
举 to lift; to raise(jǔ)
顺利 smooth; successful; without a hitch(shùnlì)
进步 to make progress; progressive( jìnbù)
干杯 to drink a toast; cheers!; bottoms up(gānbēi)
成功 to succeed; successful(chénggōng)
晚会 evening gathering; soiree(wǎnhuì)
剩下 to leave a surplus; to be left(over)(shèngxia)
浪费 to waste; to squander; wasteful(làngfèi)
余 to surplus; to spare(yú)
传统 tradition; traditional(chuántǒng)
农历 traditional Chinese lunar calendar(nónglì)
初 first(chū)
粽子 pyramid-shaped duplings of glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves(zòngzi)
月饼 moon cake(yuèbǐng)
团圆 to reunite (as a family)(tuányuán)
正月 first month of the lunar year; first moon(zhēngyuè)
元宵 night of the fifteenth of the first lunar month; sweet dumplings made of glutinous rice flour(yuánxiāo)
嘛 (particle used to emphasize the obvious)(ma)
计时 to count time(jìshí)
拜年 to wish somebody a happy Chinese New Year; to pay a Chinese New Year’s call(bàinián)
恭喜 to congratulate(gōngxǐ)
发财 to get rich; to make a fortune(fācǎi)
红包 red envelope containing money to be given as a gift(hóngbāo)
热闹 (of a place of a scene) lively; buzzing with excitement; bustling with activity(rènao)
鞭炮 firecreacker(biānpào)
春节 Spring Festival; Chinese New Year(chūnjié)
端午节 Dragon Boat Festival(duānwǔjié)
中秋节 Mid-Autumn Festival; Moon Festival(zhōngqiūjié)
感恩节 Thanksgiving (gǎn’ēnjié)
元宵节 Lantern Festival(yuánxiāojié)