David Pritchard

Emeritus Professor


PhD, University of Wisconsin–Madison
MA, Ohio State University
BA, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Research Interests

Defamation law, journalism standards, access to information

Teaching Areas

Freedom of expression, communication research, politics and media

Selected Publications

Carmody, Casey, and David Pritchard. 2015. Policy liberalism, public opinion and strength of journalist’s privilege in the American states. First Amendment Studies 49: 31-43.

Pritchard, David. 2014. The weakening of news accountability in the United States since the 1960s. In La régulation du travail journalistique dans dix pays, edited by Daniel Giroux and Pierre Trudel. Quebec City: Centre d’études sur les médias, 153-169.

Pritchard, David. 2014. The norms that govern journalism: An ecological approach. In The ethics of journalism: Individual, institutional and cultural influences, edited by Wendy N. Wyatt. London: I.B. Tauris, 1-9.

Pritchard, David, and Christopher Terry. 2013. Politiques publiques de communication et diversité de l’information aux États-Unis. In Pluralisme de l’information et media diversity: Un état des lieux international, edited by Franck Rebillard and Marlène Loicq. Brussels: Éditions De Boeck, 61-78.

Pritchard, David. 2012. Prosecuting false political speech. Wisconsin Lawyer 85: 6-11, 62-63.

Pritchard, David. 2009. Rethinking criminal libel: An empirical study. Communication Law & Policy 14: 303-339.

Pritchard, David, Christopher Terry, and Paul R. Brewer. 2008. One owner, one voice? Testing a central premise of newspaper-broadcast cross-ownership policy. Communication Law & Policy 13: 1-27.

Pritchard, David, and Sarah Stonbely. 2007. Racial profiling in the newsroom. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly 84: 231-248.

Young, Mary Lynn, and David Pritchard. 2006. Cross-border crime stories: American media, Canadian law, and murder in the Internet Age. American Review of Canadian Studies 36: 407-426.

Pritchard, David, ed. 2000. Holding the media accountable: Citizens, ethics, and the law. Bloomington: Indiana University Press.

Pritchard, David, and Florian Sauvageau. 1999. Les journalistes canadiens: Un portrait de fin de siècle. Sainte-Foy, Quebec: Presses de l’Université Laval.