Past Events

Wednesday, February 22 2017 5PM-8PM

JCA Movie Night: Perfect Blue

Our next film for Japanese Movie Night will be the Satoshi Kon classic, Perfect Blue. This psychological thriller follows a former pop idol, now movie star, as she has to cope with her career decisions as well as an obsessed...

Wednesday, February 22 2017 3:30PM-4:30PM

Guest Lecture: “Rewriting the Modernist Encounter: ‘At the Hawk’s Well’ and the Dance Poem Movement in Japan”

Please join us for a talk by Tara Rodman of Northwestern University. Time and date: Feb 22 @ 3:30PM Location: Greene Hall 148 Abstract: In 1916, the modern dancer Itō Michio (伊藤道郎) collaborated with W.B. Yeats and Ezra Pound on...

Friday, February 17 2017 - Sunday, February 19 2017

Anime Milwaukee

Come along for the party as UWM grads host the annual festival that draws 10,000 fans of Japanese culture to downtown Milwaukee!

Thursday, February 16 2017 5PM-7PM

JCA meeting: Origami

The Japanese Culture Association needs your help to make 1,000 cranes to donate to the Peace Memorial Museum in Hiroshima. Please stop by this Thursday, February 16th from 5-7pm in Union 260. Materials and instructions will be provided!

Thursday, February 16 2017 12PM-12:50PM

Conversation Table

We have a conversation table tomorrow. After the discussion time, Hale-san will introduce us "Haikyo (Abandoned Japan). It seems that visiting abandoned towns, houses and hospital sites are getting popular...? You might find a new perspective on Japan. Please come...

Thursday, February 9 2017 12PM-12:50

Conversation Table

Come join us for conversation practice!

Thursday, February 9 2017 6:30PM

JCA Movie Night

Come join the JCA and watch Ozu's "An Autumn Afternoon"! Ozu is one of the greatest directors in all of film history, and this is his final work. Enjoy a great film and great company!

Saturday, February 4 2017

Japan Bowl

Come join us (and volunteer!) for the annual Japan Bowl as teams compete in tests of Japan related knowledge and Japanese language skills. A gigantic thank you to all our student volunteers who came out and made this possible!

Thursday, January 26 2017 12PM-12:50

Conversation Table

Come join us for conversation and "kakizome"--the first calligraphy of the year!

Wednesday, December 14 2016 5PM-8PM

JCA onigiri party

Do you like Onigiri? Do you want to learn how to make it? Do you just want to come say hello and take a break from finals tomorrow? If so, you should totally attend this awesome Onigiri Party JCA is...