Past Events

Thursday, December 8 2016 12PM-1PM

Sushi Party!

Come join us for sushi and socializing with your friends in the Japanese Program!

Tuesday, December 6 2016 2PM-5:30PM

JCA movie, and pizza!

Join the JCA next Tuesday for a viewing of Spirited Away and pizza! If you plan on coming, let us know!

Thursday, December 1 2016 2:30-4:30PM

JCA Movie: Tokyo Trash Baby

Come join the JCA for a screening of Ryuichi Hiroki's Tokyo Trash Baby (2000). Plot: Miyuki is a lonely young woman who pines over her rock musician neighbor but is too shy to talk to him, so instead she digs...

Thursday, December 1 2016 12PM-12:50PM

Conversation Table

This week, Yuya from Chiba University and Satoshi from Seijo University will talk about college life in Japan. We heard from Jesse and Morgan last week. This week we can hear from Japanese point of view. Come join us especially...

Monday, November 21 2016 5PM-8PM

JCA Meeting: Shrines and Temples

JCA is having a presentation regarding Japanese shrines and temples this coming Monday. Jesse will be sharing his experiences from his recent study abroad. Hope to see you there!

Thursday, November 17 2016 3PM-5PM

JCA Movie Day

To follow up on the theme we've been running with all semester (movies with the word "Tokyo" in it), JCA will be showing Satoshi Kon's Tokyo Godfathers, a "visually and emotionally stunning tale of adventure, love and redemption". Feel free...

Thursday, November 17 2016 12PM-12:50PM

Conversation Table

This week, Jesse and Morgan will talk about their experiences studying in Japan. They lived in Japan for a year and had lots of fun. Come join us especially if you are thinking of studying in Japan.

Thursday, November 10 2016 12PM-12:50PM

Conversation Table

Isn't everyone struggling with particles? No more worries. Jun'ichi san will talk about particles. Prepare lots of questions for him

Monday, November 7 2016 5PM-8PM

JCA Meeting

The Japan Culture Association is having a Taiko game night this coming Monday and would love for you to join. For those that do not know, Taiko Master is a very popular Japanese rhythm arcade game created by Namco in...

Sunday, November 6 2016 12PM-3:30PM

Japan Fest 2016 and Haiku Contest!

Come join us for a celebration of Japanese culture at the annual Japan Fest. Visit the UWM Japan Program booth for food and fun activities, and stay for exhibitions of Japanese crafts and performance of Japanese music and dance! ALSO:...