Japanese Submajor

As a Letters & Science student, you will take a variety of courses across the natural sciences, social sciences, and the humanities to satisfy university-wide General Education Requirements plus additional classes in formal reasoning, international awareness, and research to satisfy Letters & Science degree requirements.

There are also quality requirements (minimum GPA) and residency requirements (number of classes taken at UWM).

Degree requirements may vary depending on when you first started college either at UWM or elsewhere.

The Japanese program at UWM is available under the Committee Interdisciplinary Major umbrella. It aims to provide students with the linguistic and cultural fluency required to live and work in a Japanese environment. This involves rigorous study of the Japanese language as well as training in a wide array of topics in Japanese culture. As a testament to the efficacy of our program, many of our graduates currently live in Japan, and others live in the United States pursuing careers utilizing their Japanese skills. This page is under revision. For up to date information about major requirements, please contact the department directly or your academic advisor.

Major Requirements

The Japanese Language and Culture program requires completion of 30 credits in approved Japanese and related courses. Students in the major must complete the fifth- through eighth-semester Japanese courses as the core of the program. In addition, culture-related courses that are taught using the target language are required. Students must complete 30 credits to graduate, at least 15 of them at the advanced (300 and above) level taken in residence at UWM. The major requires a minimum of 18 credits at the 300 level or above taught in Japanese. The College requires that students attain at least a 2.0 GPA on all major credits attempted at UWM. In addition, students must attain a 2.0 GPA on all major credits attempted, including any transfer work.

Required 1
JAPAN 301Fifth Semester Japanese4
JAPAN 302Sixth Semester Japanese4
JAPAN 401Seventh Semester Japanese4
JAPAN 402Eighth Semester Japanese4
Select one of the following:3
Japanese Language and Culture
Reading Japanese Short Stories
Seminar in Japanese Literature and Culture:
Translating Japanese Media
Business Japanese I
Select one of the following courses to satisfy the research requirement of the L&S degree:3
Japanese Performance Traditions 2
Seminar in Japanese Literature and Culture: 2
Translating Japanese Media 2
Research and Research Writing in Japanese
Select 8 credits (see below) 38
Study Abroad
Study Abroad is strongly encouraged 4
Total Credits30

Students whose language skills allow them to begin their study of Japanese beyond the fifth semester course must discuss with the advisor appropriate substitute courses in order to complete the required 30 credits.


Japanese majors wishing to use this course for the research requirement must notify the instructor that they will complete an independent research project.


At least one course must be taken outside the Japan curricular area.


Up to 12 credits from study abroad programs will be accepted for the major. Any language credits acquired from study abroad must not duplicate language credits acquired from classes taken at UWM.


JAPAN 100Introduction to Japanese Literature3
JAPAN 110Japanese Popular Culture3
JAPAN 221Japanese Film: Themes and Methods3
JAPAN 297Study Abroad:1-12
JAPAN 310Enhanced Knowledge & Skills for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test 13
JAPAN 312Japanese Conversation II3
JAPAN 331Reading Japanese Short Stories (if not selected above)3
JAPAN 332Extensive Reading in Japanese1
JAPAN 345Japanese News Media3
JAPAN 351Japanese Performance Traditions3
JAPAN 352Japanese Performance Traditions: Readings1
JAPAN 355Seminar in Japanese Literature and Culture:3
JAPAN 361Translating Japanese Media (if not selected above)3
JAPAN 370Fun Kanji2
JAPAN 397Study Abroad:1-12
JAPAN 416Introduction to Translation: Japanese to English3
JAPAN 441Business Japanese I (if not selected above)3
JAPAN 489Internship in Japanese, Upper Division1-6
JAPAN 497Study Abroad:1-12
JAPAN 699Advanced Independent Study1-3
ANTHRO 325Japanese Culture and Society3
ARTHIST 383Japanese Art and Architecture3
HIST 284Buddhism Across Asia3

No more than 3 credits of JAPAN 310 may count towards the total elective credits.