Culture Courses

JAPAN 100 Introduction to Japanese Literature
3 cr. Undergraduate.
Survey of Japanese literature from the Heian Period to the present day.
JAPAN 110 Japanese Popular Culture
3 cr. Undergraduate.
Elements of popular culture that have come to define modern-day Japan. In English.
JAPAN 200 Japanese Culture and Its Effect on Language
3 cr. Undergraduate.
Through various forms of media, examination of different aspects of Japanese culture and how it impacts language.
JAPAN 220 Introduction to Japanese Food Studies
3 cr. Undergraduate.
Cultural, historical, geographic, and sociological aspects of Japanese food culture as related to everyday Japanese culinary practices.
JAPAN 330 Japanese Language and Culture
3 cr. Undergraduate.
Japanese expression and culture; influence of Japanese history, customs, and geographic features on the Japanese language.
JAPAN 331 Reading Japanese Short Stories
3 cr. Undergraduate.
Introduction to Japanese short stories to improve reading skills, vocabulary, and understanding of Japanese culture.
JAPAN 351 Japanese Performance Traditions
3 cr. Undergraduate.
Japanese performance of drama and comedy from noh and kabuki to modern performance.
JAPAN 352 Japanese Performance Traditions: Readings
1 cr. Undergraduate.
Readings in Japanese performance texts from medieval noh scripts to modern Japanese theater.
JAPAN 361 Translating Japanese Media
3 cr. Undergraduate.
Development of the vocabulary, grammar knowledge, translating skills, and cultural sensitivities necessary to produce viable translations.
JAPAN 416 Introduction to Translation: Japanese to English
3 cr. Undergraduate.
Basic skills for translating texts from Japanese to English; focus on articles and documents encountered in business, banking, legal, medical, and academic contexts.
JAPAN 441 Business Japanese I
3 cr. Undergraduate.
Language and cultural studies that develop the practical knowledge and skills needed for doing business with Japan.
JAPAN 500 Research and Research Writing in Japanese
3 cr. Undergraduate.
Capstone course for Japanese major. Students conduct research in Japanese and produce a thesis and presentation based on that research.
JAPAN 516 Seminar in Advanced Translation: Japanese to English
3 cr. Undergraduate.
Translation of ideas and conceptual knowledge in subject areas that include economics, law, society, culture, and history.