Inter-College Language Table

In Fall Semester 2021, the Japanese Program will continue to participate in the Inter-College Language Table. This is a great chance to speak with Japanese learners across the country. Email for login info.

Congratulations to our students on the Dean’s List

A hearty congratulations to the ten students in the Japanese Program on the 2021 Dean’s List! This year’s Japanese majors and minors on the list are: Elizabeth Xiong, Mitsuki Fendt, Grant Goehrig, Stephanie Korb, Grace Robinson, Owen Szymkowski, Justina Cheng,… Read More

Congragulations to Japanese Majors on the Honor Roll

The Japanese Program would like to honor and congratulate our majors and minors whose academic excellence has placed them on the honor roll for Spring Semester 2019. These students are: Jazmin Ramos Lauren Mackenzie Singer Gershon Pevnick Michael Erik Bartz… Read More

6 Japanese Majors Receive FLAS Awards

Six UWM Japanese students have received FLAS awards for the 2019-20 academic year. Congratulations to: Anthony Miller Michael Bartz Jazmin Ramos Elizabeth Xiong Jonathon Roecklein Stephanie Korb Well done!

Special Collections acquires Edo Period woodblocks

Visiting Assistant Professor Kevin Mulholland has worked with Special Collections librarian Max Yela to acquire a collection of woodblocks used to print an important Edo Period text. This acquisition will serve as an important addition to Special Collection’s interests in… Read More

4 Japanese Majors Awarded FLAS Grants

Japanese majors Lauren Singer, Brianna Buhs, Jazmin Ramos, Edgar Gonzalez, and Anwuar Abdalah have been awarded FLAS grants for the academic year 2018-19. Congratulations!

Japanese Instructor Receives Recognition of Merit Award

The Wisconsin Association for Language Teachers has awarded Takahashi-sensei their 2018 Recognition of Merit Award for excellence in teaching and significant contribution to the profession. This is a well deserved honor–congratulations!

Japanese Major receives 2018 FLAS Fellowship

Congratulations to Japanese major Stephen Cannell for being selected for a 2018 FLAS fellowship for language study!

UWM majors win at Chicago Consulate Speech Contest!

Congratulations to Cannell-san and Singer-san for their speeches at the Japanese Consulate in Chicago’s 32nd Annual Speech Contest! Cannell-san won the Chicago Shimpo Award and Singer-san won the Grand Prize!!!! We are so proud of them!!!

Japanese Major Receives Undergraduate Research Award

Japanese Major Samuel Bowden has been awarded a SURF fellowship to support research in translation and subtitling. Congratulations!