The minor in Japanese has the acquisition of language and cultural competency as its primary objective. Students take language courses through the third-year level, but the minor also allows coursework in Japanese culture, history, and politics.


The minor in Japanese consists of at least 18 credits. The College requires that students complete at least 9 credits of their minor in upper-division (numbered 300 or above) courses in residence at UWM to earn a minor at UWM. The College also requires that students attain at least a 2.0 GPA on all minor credits attempted at UWM. In addition, students must attain a 2.0 GPA on all minor credits attempted, including any transfer work.

Students entering with no previous Japanese language experience should enroll in JAPAN 101. Students entering with previous knowledge of, or high school preparation in, Japanese, or transfer students who have studied Japanese in other colleges, are assigned to courses on the basis of a departmental placement consultation with the Japanese program coordinator. Students placed into a course beyond the 101 level who complete their first course with a grade of at least a B may receive retroactive credits earned at the 200 level or above to a maximum of 16 credits, for the courses leading to the one into which they are placed.

Those who are able to begin their study of Japanese by placing into JAPAN 202 or above will take sufficient elective credits, approved by the Japanese language coordinator, to complete at least 18 credits in the minor with 9 credits at the 300 level or above.

The following (or equivalent or exemption) are required:

JAPAN 201Third-Semester Japanese5
JAPAN 202Fourth-Semester Japanese5
JAPAN 301Fifth Semester Japanese4
JAPAN 302Sixth Semester Japanese4
Select 3 credits from the courses listed below:3
Introduction to Japanese Literature 1
Japanese Popular Culture 1
Japanese Film: Themes and Methods 1
Enhanced Knowledge & Skills for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test
Extensive Reading in Japanese
Japanese News Media
Japanese Performance Traditions
Japanese Performance Traditions: Readings
Seminar in Japanese Literature and Culture:
Translating Japanese Media
Fun Kanji
Japanese Culture and Society
Japanese Art and Architecture
Buddhism Across Asia 1
Total Credits21

These 100- and 200-level courses may only be counted toward the minor if the student places into JAPAN 202 or beyond.