The minor in Japanese has the acquisition of language and cultural competency as its primary objective. Students take language courses through the third-year level, but the minor also allows coursework in Japanese culture, history, and politics.


Total Credits

18 credits

Required Language Courses (12 credits)

Those who are able to begin their study of Japanese beyond the third-semester level will take additional elective credits, approved by the Japanese language coordinator, to complete at least 18 credits in the minor. Students must complete a minimum of 12 credits in language courses. The following (or equivalent or exemption) are required:

  • Japan 201 - Third Semester Japanese, 5 credits
  • Japan 202 - Fourth Semester Japanese, 5 credits
  • Japan 301 - Fifth Semester Japanese, 4 credits
  • Japan 302 - Sixth Semester Japanese, 4 credits

Additional Requirements

At least 3 additional credits, selected from courses in Japanese above 102 or from the following:

  • Anthro 325 - Japanese Culture and Society, 3 credits
  • ArtHist 383 - Japanese Art and Architecture, 3 credits
  • English 316 - World Cinema (Japanese subtitle), 3 credits
  • Hist 394 - History of Japan to 1600, 3 credits
  • Hist 395 - History of Japan Since 1600, 3 credits
  • Hist 397 - Postwar Japan, 3 credits
  • Pol Sci 313 - Japanese Politics and Foreign Policy, 3 credits

Additional Information

Students placed into a course beyond the 101 level who complete their first course with a grade of at least a B may receive retroactive credits,* to a maximum of 16 credits, for the courses leading to the one into which they are placed.

* Retroactive credits earned at the 200 level or above may count toward the minor.

GPA Requirements

The College requires that students attain at least a 2.000 GPA on all credits for the minor, including any transfer work.