Past Events

Wednesday, September 28 2016 12:30PM

Astrobreak at the Manfred Olson Planetarium

Join us for a Japanese edition of the Astrobreak at the Manfred Olson Planetarium on the UWM campus! We will look at the stars and talk about poetry and literature about the Tanabata story of two lovers separated by an...

Thursday, September 15 2016 12PM-12:50

Conversation Table

Anyone who is interested in Japanese language and culture is welcome. Especially, if you are new to UWM, please come and meet new friends. If you are a Japanese student who is currently studying at UWM, we would love to...

Monday, May 2 2016 10am - 3pm

Spring Festival

We would like to extend to you an invitation to UWM Japanese Program’s Spring Festival. Our Japanese classes have been working tirelessly and will present their movies and speeches that they have put much effort into during this semester. The presentations will be done in Japanese with English subtitles on the screen.

Wednesday, April 27 2016 12PM-1PM

Conversation Table, Reading Circle

明日会話テーブルがあります。夏から日本でインターンシップをする三年生のコリンズさんが、日本でのインターンシップについて話してくれます。日本で働いてみたい人、ぜひ来てください。 We have a conversation table tomorrow. Collins-san in Japanese 302, who will have an internship in Japan this summer, will talk about internship opportunities in Japan. If you are interested in working in Japan, please join us! Time: 12:00-12:50...

Wednesday, April 20 2016 3PM-4PM


Anyone who wants to try to read books in Japanese, but don't know which books you can enjoy? Students in Extensive reading course are going to introduce their favorite Japanese books. All are welcome. Please join us!

Thursday, March 24 2016 3PM-5PM


Come learn and play the Japanese card game Hanafuda with your friends at the JCA!

Friday, March 11 2016 - Sunday, March 13 2016

Anime Milwaukee

This is the ninth year of Anime Milwaukee, and we are proud to be providing the Milwaukee area with entertainment geared towards the anime and gaming communities. Last year we had over 7,000 attendees join us. We are a three...

Wednesday, March 9 2016 3:00 pm

Landscapes of the Unfamiliar: Tani Motokatsu and His Journey to Ezo in 1799

Tani Motokatsu was employed as a sketch artist along with some eight hundred fellow expeditioners on a shogunate-sponsored trip to Ezo (present day Hokkaido, Japan) in 1799.

Friday, March 4 2016 5PM-8PM

Dancing, singing, speeches!!

Come join us for our 4th annual recitation and speech contest, held in conjunction with UW Carthage's Japanese program. Produced with the generous support of: The Japan Foundation Nippon Express Travel – Chicago Milwaukee Japanese Association UWM Foreign Languages and...

Friday, February 19 2016 4:00 - 6:00pm

Are you an Anime fan?

Enjoy movie night with a classic Japanese anime movie called Gatchaman!