Past Events

Thursday, March 15 2018 6:00PM-8:00PM

Japan Twang: An Evening of Tsugaru-jamisen with Sato Michiyoshi

Come enjoy an entertaining and educational concert with shamisen virtuoso Sato Michiyoshi on his second US tour! Sato is an award-winning performer of Tsugaru-jamisen, a dynamic style of music played on a three-stringed Japanese banjo called a shamisen. Sato's performance...

Sunday, March 11 2018 3:30PM

Student Showcase: Film Screening of The Road Home

Come join the Japanese Program as we host a screening of the film The Road Home. This film centers on a families of refugees of the Fukushima disaster and their upheaval through their displacement from their home. Starring Matsuyama Ken'ichi...

Friday, March 2 2018

Speech Contest

Join us for the annual UWM Japanese speech and recitation contest. Come compete for prizes–including a scholarship funded by Anime Milwaukee!–and support the students in the Japanese program as they show off their language and presentation skills!

Friday, February 16 2018 - Sunday, February 18 2018

Anime Milwaukee

Come along for the party as UWM grads host the annual festival that draws 10,000 fans of Japanese culture to downtown Milwaukee! Home

Saturday, February 3 2018

Japan Bowl

Thanks to all who came out to support Wisconsin high school students as they battled for a chance to attend the national Japan Bowl! UWM students test Wisconsin high school students in their knowledge of Japanese language, culture, and history....

Thursday, February 1 2018 12PM-12:50PM

Conversation Table

明日、会話テーブルが始まります。みんなでおしゃべりを楽しみましょう。もうすぐ節分なので、みんなで豆を投げて食べます! We have a conversation table tomorrow. Let's enjoy talking in Japanese/English! "Setsubun" is coming. We will throw and eat beans! You may bring your lunch. Light snacks and tea will be served.

Friday, January 26 2018 12PM-12:50PM

Conversation Table

We have the first conversation table tomorrow. Let's enjoy talking in Japanese/English!

Wednesday, December 13 2017 12PM - 2PM

Sushi Party!

Come join us for sushi and socializing with your friends in the Japanese Program!

Thursday, December 7 2017 7:00PM-9:00PM

JCA Christmas Calligraphy Party

To wrap this semester up in a nice, neat bow, we're having a Japanese Christmas & Calligraphy party! Come learn what's it's like to celebrate Christmas in Japan, eat some "traditional" Japanese Christmas foods, and practice some Japanese calligraphy on...

Wednesday, December 6 2017 12PM-12:50PM

Conversation Table

We have the conversation table today. Let's enjoy talking in Japanese/English! Macdonald-san who studied abroad last year will introduce us Nagasaki University. If you are interested in study abroad, please join us! Time: 12:00-12:50 Place: Curtin 187 (Language Oasis) You...