JCA Field Trip

Sunday, May 7 2017

We hope you are excited for our trip as we are! The following is our itinerary for the day:

Leave UWM at 7:15am SHARP. Please do not be late, as we will not be able to wait for you. We will have our bus parked outside the front of the Union on Kenwood. If you are not there, we will not be issuing refunds.
Arrive to the Anderson Rock Gardens by 9:30am.
We will depart from the Rock Gardens at approximately 12:30pm, and arrive at Mitsuwa Marketplace around 2pm. This will give you three hours of garden time.
We will stay there until approximately 6pm, and which time we will depart and return to UWM.

As a note, while Mitsuwa itself will take cards for the books store and the grocery section, many of the food court shops only take cash. While a few are switching over to accepting cards, it would still be a good idea to bring some cash ahead of time. They do have an ATM on location, but it has occasionally run out of money, and the ATM fee is rather high. Also, for those of you unaware, there is no set seating. It can get busy, so you may want to group up to try and get a table. Also, please have good etiquette and when you are done eating, vacate the table so other can sit and enjoy if you see there are those looking for tables.