Introduction to Global Events Awareness and Mental Health

Virtual on Zoom

Refugee youth and families often retain ties to their countries of origin and can be deeply impacted by events taking place in their home countries.  Highlighting the recent coup in Burma/Myanmar as an example, this introductory webinar will explore how... Read more

Understanding Colonialism through Maps: A Workshop for Educators

Virtual on Zoom

Join us to explore ways educators can use maps in the classroom to engage students in the history of colonization, exploitation and representation.  Participants will discover the role maps played in justifying and enabling colonization and how communities use maps to... Read more

Global Perspectives on Freedom of Speech: A Workshop for Educators

Freedom of expression and the right to protest are complex and contested global issues. Join us to explore these important First Amendment rights in a global and local perspective! Educators will meet advocates working on these issues around the world, explore immigrant... Read more