IT Transition Team

The IT Transition Team is actively working towards a completed IT Transition Plan.

Transition projects are now underway to implement changes to existing support processes and services. Over the next few months and years these gradual changes will make substantial improvements to core support services.

Initial projects include:

  • IAM and Active Directory Usage
  • Classroom Services
  • Windows Device Management
  • Apple Device Management

Upcoming projects will be planned for the summer and fall timeline, and contributors will be recruited from all areas of campus. Updates for ongoing projects will be shared with the campus IT community through several venues including the Tech Users group, ISSP-Working Groups Team, and the ISS website.

Additional Transition Proposals have been submitted for:

  • Request Intake and Escalation
  • Cherwell
  • End-User Device Support
  • Student Transition and Training

These recommendations are currently being reviewed by the IT Transition Team, IT Steering Group, and the ISS Leadership Team.

New working groups for other in-scope services have been formed with representatives from many areas around campus. These groups focus on specific services and communication methods, including:

  • IT Purchasing
  • Asset Management
  • End-User Enterprise Services Support
  • Network Utilization
  • Support for Non-Kenwood Campus Locations
  • Printing
  • Operational Web Presence

The IT Transition Team will develop an operational plan for in-scope IT services through the coordination of IT Working Groups. These IT Working Groups will address in-scope processes identified throughout the Detailed Design phase.

Dale Matenaer PMUniversity Information Technology Services
Jim Kavanagh Team LeadIntegrated Support Services IT (ISS-IT)
Christopher CookStudent Affairs IT Services
Keith EmmonsSchool of Education
Noelle FredrichUniversity Information Technology Services
Kevin JahnkeUniversity Information Technology Services
Scott KlebaUniversity Information Technology Services
JJ SternitzerL&S Information Technology Office