Implementation Core Team

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Prepare Hub 2 supported units and staff for changes
  • Identify and engage affected staff and other stakeholders
  • Compile and assess job details for ISS staff
  • Build understanding of changes, including individual and unit impacts
  • Develop action plans for transition of Out-of-Scope and In-Scope tasks

Team Members

Kathy HeathFAA Finance & Operations
Yvette Alicea-ReedHuman Resources
Krystle AndersonBusiness & Financial Services
Sylvia BandaFAA Finance & Operations
Amanda EischenStudent Affairs
Gina HalenkaHuman Resources
Paul KlajborAcademic Affairs
Tim MilesCollege of Letters & Science
Tanya SkrivsethCollege of Letters & Science
Caterina SukupCollege of Letters & Science
Craig WesleyCollege of Letters & Science