Implementation Core Team

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Prepare Hub 2 supported units and staff for changes
  • Identify and engage affected staff and other stakeholders
  • Compile and assess job details for ISS staff
  • Build understanding of changes, including individual and unit impacts
  • Develop action plans for transition of Out-of-Scope and In-Scope tasks

Team Members

Kathy HeathFAA Finance & Operations
Dan AnhaltCollege of General Studies
Gina HalenkaHuman Resources
Jim KavanaghCampus Technology Support
Paul KlajborAcademic Affairs
Imad MahmoodHuman Resources
Dale MatenaerUniversity Information Technology Services
Amanda ObermeyerLubar School of Business
Nina OttmanSchool of Freshwater Sciences
Tim PetersonSchool of Continuing Education
Angie SchmockerBusiness & Financial Services
Tom ScrivenerBusiness & Financial Services
Susan VoitHuman Resources
Kim WesleyUWM Libraries
Ali WilderHuman Resources