About the Project

The Integrated Support Services project is an effort to design and implement an administrative structure that provides excellence across UWM, focusing on the functions of Human Resources, Information Technology, and Procurement. Among other goals, it is intended to accomplish long-term service efficiencies, increase effectiveness, make better use of technology, and enhance professional development opportunities in administrative areas.

Project Approach

It will take a coordinated and inclusive approach to identify how UWM will achieve the project benefits. Therefore, a project approach is proposed, which will result in:

  • A design for service delivery of support functions (HR, IT, Procurement)
  • A plan for implementation of the service delivery/organizational design including a staffing strategy and change management
  • A plan for training and communication

Benefits for Current Employees

  • Identification of career paths — Employees involved in delivering the function will be able to clearly see where they are and where they can go within the organizational structure.
  • Appropriate alignment of salaries — Employee salaries readily align with the organizational structure of the function.
  • Enhanced dissemination of communication — A clear, streamlined organizational structure around a business function allows for communication to occur easily.
  • Employees reporting to supervisors with an understanding of their work
  • Enhanced professional development opportunities — Levels within the organizational structure will have specific competencies associated with them. This allows employees to identify competencies of a higher level position, determine (with the assistance of their supervisor) what competencies they may need to develop, and determine a fitting professional development plan.
  • Role clarity and business process standardization

Other Project Benefits

The following is a comprehensive list of benefits to be derived from this project:

  • Reduce costs through simplification and standardization
  • Concentrate resources on core higher value activities
  • Increase service quality to the academic and administrative units
  • Improve response to organizational changes
  • Facilitate the deployment of technology
  • Support new business process capabilities
  • Enhance focus on campus unit operations vs. back office processing
  • Meet process excellence targets
  • Attract and retain the best talent
  • Align the organization on common objectives
  • Meet internal customer satisfaction expectations
  • Increase productivity of internal customers