Internal Recruitment for SSC Supervisors

Dear Colleagues,

As planning for UWM’s second Shared Services Center (SSC) progresses, the ISS Project Executive Sponsors, Provost Britz and Vice Chancellor Van Harpen, have approved the organizational structure for the next phase of UWM Shared Services Centers. The key components of the structure, which can be viewed via the SSC1 & SSC2 Org Chart, are:

  • SSC1 and SSC2 will operate with direction and oversight from the current Shared Services Center Manager, Jarad Parker.
  • Each SSC will include two new leadership positions to supervise and coordinate the work of the HR Business Partners and the Operations Teams; one HR Business Partner Supervisor and one SSC Operations Team Supervisor.
  • The new leadership positions will report to the SSC Manager and all other staff will report to one of the new leadership positions. HR Business Partners will report to the HR Business Partner Supervisor and Operations Team staff members will report to the SSC Operations Team Supervisor.
  • The new leadership positions will provide direction and support to the SSC staff and facilitate implementation of ongoing process improvement and integration of new staff into the Shared Services environment.
  • The new leadership positions will be filled through a recruitment process internal to UWM, which will begin on September 6.

This is an exciting phase in the ongoing development of our Shared Services organization. The new structure will help us capitalize on the knowledge and skills of our talented staff and bring the second Shared Services Center into operation more effectively. We look forward to exploring the opportunities with interested UWM staff.  The content of this message has no impact upon Campus Technology Support (CTS), the information technology component of shared services.

For additional information about these positions, including the position description, minimum and preferred qualifications, and recruitment details, please see SSC HRBP Ops Team Leader.   The employee category (Academic Staff or University Staff) of successful applicants will be determined at the point of hire.

In order to ensure full consideration as an applicant, please submit all application materials by September 25, 2019.  Please submit all application materials via email to

If you have any questions about the recruitment, including questions regarding the positions’ duties and responsibilities, please contact Jarad Parker, Tim Danielson, or Drew Knab. Thank you.