ISS Project Update

  • Physical Space Update 

Members of the ISS Leadership Team along with other individuals have been meeting with UWM Architects to prepare the physical spaces necessary for SSC2 to come on board.  While the schedule is tight, current planning allows for the physical space to be ready at the end of January or the first half of February.  This keeps us on track for a late January to mid-February timeline for SSC2.

  • SSC2 Process Change

The Implementation Core Team has begun planning for work with each of the units on process change and communication. Those activities will include: 1) review of the services/process that will be managed and carried out by the Shared Services teams;  2) analysis of the related changes to process steps and individual job duties for SSC2 and school/college/division staff; 3) specific communication plans based on the needs of the individual SSC2 supported units.  The details of these activities and next steps will be a primary topic for our meeting in November.

  • SSC2 Service Providers 

Several actions have begun or will be beginning soon which involve the service providers for SSC2.  Tim Danielson has begun to meet with the individuals who will provide HR service.  A few staffing decisions are yet to be completed, however, Tim intends to complete these discussions with service providers by Thanksgiving.

We will invite the service providers to visit SSC1 and, once construction begins, the space where SSC2 will be located so they can see first hand what it will look like.  Once the space begins to take shape in later January, we’ll invite the service providers to return to view the SSC2 space.

Training plans are well underway for the service providers.  As you can imagine, training has to be provided “just in time”, i.e., not too soon or too late.  An advantage to being in SSC2 is the staff will have their colleagues in SSC1 and Central HR to help them.  Also, many of the staff are already performing the duties and responsibilities they will perform in SSC2, so training for them is less vital.

Jarad Parker (Shared Services Manager), Karen Massetti-Moran (CHR Associate Director), and Tim Danielson, among others, will be planning the intentional team-building activities for the SSC2 staff.  These will include activities for SSC2, for SSC2 staff with SSC1 staff, and with CHR staff.

As time passes, staff may feel anxious, concerned, have questions, etc.  This is normal in a time of transition.  If staff express these feelings to you, please assure them that while things will be different, they will be ok.  They are competent individuals who will have a strong support network.  As is always the case, please also encourage them to contact any of us on the Leadership Team (Sylvia Banda, Bob Beck, Tim Danielson, Kathy Heath, Jim Kavanagh, Drew Knab, Jarad Parker) with any questions/concerns that they may have.

If you have any questions, please let any of us know.

Thank you,

ISS Leadership Team